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Cyber Security

Etay Bogner, VP, Zero-Trust Products, Proofpoint and former CEO of Meta Networks

The Need for Corporate VPNs with Need-to-Know Access

By Etay Bogner, VP, Zero-Trust Products, Proofpoint and former CEO of Meta Networks According to Gartner, “Zero trust networking is a concept for secure network connectivity where the initial...

Cynet Launches Free Proactive Visibility Offering for Comprehensive View of IT Assets and Activities

Cynet 360 is a detection and response security platform specifically created for today’s multi-faceted cyber-battlefield. It gives your organization a comprehensive tool for finding unknown, camouflaged threats which have gotten through protection perimeters.
Etay Bogner, CEO, Meta Networks

Software-Defined Perimeters Challenge the Corporate VPN on Security

Zero-Trust Network Access is the alternative to VPN for secure remote access to any application, anywhere.
Use Of AI In Cyber Security

Use Of AI In Cyber Security

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Incident Response Tool from Cynet Validates Suspected Breaches and Removes Confirmed Threats

Effortlessly identify, block and respond to all types of attacks on your organization’s network, without the heavy burden of deep cyber expertise and the overhead of multiple products.
Cyber Security Magazine

Cybersecurity Magazine

Cybersecurity magazine contains the articles written by the following authors, companies, and experts. Click here to read the cybersecurity magazine George Viegas, Chapman UniversityBill Strang,...
Jaeson Yoo, Chief Security Evangelist, Penta Security Systems, Inc


From most of the security breaches that occur these days, it is quite evident that over 75% of all attacks arise from the web application layer. This naturally indicates that the preferred entry point...
Marc Brungardt, President, Foresite


We live in a digital world. Everything is seemingly connected to the internet and remotely accessible. Core business functions are rapidly moving to the cloud. This new world is full of our sensitive and...
Jim Deleskie, Founder & CTO, Mimir Networks


Mimir was launched in 2014 as a company to solve to complex security issues and make them as simple as a single click away. Through its years in business, the company developed its products...
Gil Keini, CEO, Firmitas, Cyber Solutions

Providers of operational assurance and cyber-resilience

It is widely acknowledged that Mission Critical Systems or Critical Infrastructure are the primary targets for cyber attacks. Such attacks aim to cause damages, fear, or are of plain criminal intent - used for...