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Yaniv Avidan, Co-Founder & CEO, MinerEye

MinerEye: The Big ‘Dark’ Data Analytics Platform

Founded in 2015 by Yaniv Avidan, Avner Atias and Gideon Barak, MinerEye is a Big ‘Dark’ Data Analytics Platform. It was created in order...
Allan Zhang, Trustlook, CEO & Co-Founder

Trustlook: Provider of AI-Based Cybersecurity Solutions for Mobile, Network, and the IoT

Trustlook was founded in the year 2013 as a mobile security company, with a focus on protecting the Android platform. Their co-founder, Allan Zhang,...
John Brady, CISO, Secure-24

10 Simple, Low Cost Ways to Improve Information Security

With today’s technology advancements, it is more apparent that ‘information security’ within the workplace is a top priority, not just for IT professionals, but...
Walter Paley, Director, Marketing , SafeLogic

HBO’s Silicon Valley Foreshadows Possible Federal Storyline

Recently, HBO’s hit series Silicon Valley made reference to the once-esoteric FIPS 140-2 validation process for encryption. In the show, the massive Hooli juggernaut...
John Brady, CISO, Secure-24

Vendor Management: It’s a Risky Business

Just like exercising and getting sufficient sleep, we often discuss managing our vendors, suppliers and partners better. However, industry surveys continue to show a...

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