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Phillip Merrick, Message Systems

Message Systems: Enabling organizations with flexible, future-proofmessaging at scale

Phillip Merrick Every day more and more infrastructure is relocated to the cloud and productized as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS. Virtually all consumer and...
Martin Renkis, Founder & CEO, Smartvue Corporation

Smartvue Corporation: Empowering Customers With Unique Cloud Based Visual Intelligence

Cloud technology is creating new opportunities for business and IT. Its prompting CIO’s to shift resources to leverage the cloud for greater services, dynamic...
Glen Margolis, Founder and Executive Chairman

Steelwedge in the Cloud: A Highly Configurable Planning Solution To Support Customer-Specific Business Processes

While B2C businesses and social applications have moved quickly to the cloud, the move for B2B has taken more time because the solutions are...
Nigel Dessau, General Manager, Software Business & Chief Marketing Officer

Stratus Technologies: Enabling Enterprise Grade Clouds

The move to the cloud is very real however concerns over security and reliability have been hindering adoption, particularly when it comes to business...
Alex Wang, Founder and CEO, SurDoc

SurDoc: The Technology Leader Of Secure Cloud-based Technologies

Alex Wang,Founder and CEOCloud Computing is still in early stage, the trends is that cloud storage will be primary storage for everyone, local storage...
Todd M. Raba, President and CEO

GridPoint: An Innovator in Data Driven Energy Management Solutions

GridPoint, a provider of energy management systems (EMS) incorporating remote hardware and centralized data processing, software and analytics, GridPoint has lot of experience implementing...
Marc Landry, CEO And Jason Lamb, CTO, CorePLUS

CorePlus: Focused on a Unified and Agnostic Approach to the Cloud

In a recent IBM CIO survey the number of CIOs mentioning cloud computing as a crucial technology jumped to 64% in 2014 versus some...
Liran Eshel, CEO and Co-Founder, CTERA

CTERA: Cloud Storage With Maximum Data Security & Flexibility

The IT industry is entering into a new era of cloud-enabled services where enterprises and service providers alike will spend over $100 billion on...
Sanjay Chadha, CEO, Cerno Technologies

Cerno Technologies: Understanding The Demands of Today’s Business Enjoinments Across The Globe

Cloud computing is gaining momentum in terms of companies experimenting and partially adopting cloud solutions. Headquartered in the New York City, Cerno has developed...
Tim Jewell, Founder and CEO, Data Deposit

Data Deposit Box: OfferingUnique Cloud Backup Products And Features.

“The first obvious thing that I’d point out about the cloud computing landscape is that it is a lot bigger than when we first...

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