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Cloud Computing Companies

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Alex Wang, Founder and CEO, SurDoc

SurDoc: The Technology Leader Of Secure Cloud-based Technologies

Alex Wang,Founder and CEOCloud Computing is still in early stage, the trends is that cloud storage will be primary storage for everyone, local storage is cache only. Until now, users had to sacrifice privacy...
Nigel Dessau, General Manager, Software Business & Chief Marketing Officer

Stratus Technologies: Enabling Enterprise Grade Clouds

The move to the cloud is very real however concerns over security and reliability have been hindering adoption, particularly when it comes to business critical applications where high availability is non-negotiable. Headquartered in Maynard, MA,...
Glen Margolis, Founder and Executive Chairman

Steelwedge in the Cloud: A Highly Configurable Planning Solution To Support Customer-Specific Business Processes

While B2C businesses and social applications have moved quickly to the cloud, the move for B2B has taken more time because the solutions are naturally more complex and, in many cases, support critical business...
Martin Renkis, Founder & CEO, Smartvue Corporation

Smartvue Corporation: Empowering Customers With Unique Cloud Based Visual Intelligence

Cloud technology is creating new opportunities for business and IT. Its prompting CIO’s to shift resources to leverage the cloud for greater services, dynamic computing power, increased scalability and reduced costs. For years, CIO’s...
Phillip Merrick, Message Systems

Message Systems: Enabling organizations with flexible, future-proofmessaging at scale

Phillip Merrick Every day more and more infrastructure is relocated to the cloud and productized as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS. Virtually all consumer and business apps are now cloud-based because customers no longer want...
Joe Burke CEO Linium

Linium: Positioning Organizations to Grow Confidently and Achieve Enterprise Scale

In a rapidly changing market, CIOs are challenged with providing a better and faster customer experience when it comes to the products, services or experiences they sell. Cloud Computing is a "Digital Disrupter" that...
Peter Zonneveld, Co-Founder and CEO, Greenclouds

The Intercloud: The Cloud Of Clouds

CIOs of large corporations are adopting a multi-cloud strategy- since one cloud does not fit all. Since they have a large International user base with a complex and large application landscape they need multiple...
John Yung, CEO, Appcara

Appcara: Enabling the progression of cloud through application automation

Cloud Computing has become an integral part of IT strategies for most corporate enterprises. CIO’s strive to accelerate time-to-market, improve performance, gain efficiency and reduce cost. However, most enterprise applications are still running in...
Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO, Qualys, Inc

Qualys, Inc: Delivering Critical Security Intelligence On Demand

Businesses and government agencies are more distributed today than ever before. IT assets are dispersed, perimeters must be more open to the outside world and identifying vulnerabilities and malware to effectively protect those assets...
Ken Swinney, Founder and CEO, Cloud9Ortho

Cloud9Ortho: Delivering Cloud Solutions that transform the Small Healthcare Practice

Cloud computing encompasses a lot of different areas of ITIL. Headquartered in the United States, Cloud9Ortho is focused on providing web applications that provide tools to manage virtually all aspects of small-to-medium dental specialty...