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Cloud Computing Companies

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REAN Cloud


While speaking of cloud service providers who have been serving Enterprise IT clients for several years, REAN Cloud is one of the top providers that come to mind. As a full-service Cloud IT solutions...
Basit Hamid, CEO, Elixir Technologies

Elixir Technologies & Tango+

With the 2015 release of Tango+, Elixir has emerged as a pioneer, again. Tango+ is the first communication and content management system engineered for the cloud; and SaaS pricing makes it affordable for more...
Eric Mandel, CEO & President, BlackMesh

BlackMesh: Advancing the Next Generation of Cloud Security

The most common area of concern associated with IT today is security breaches. Government agencies in particular are constantly faced with threats of fraud and hacks. A government initiative, known as the Cloud First...
Rajeev Gupta, CEO and Founder, DBSync

Cloud Strategy – Apps, Integration, Subscription and You

By Rajeev Gupta, CEO and Founder, DBSync Since Cloud computing has made big leaps in the past few years by emerging as a conventional business tool, several strategies have consequently surfaced. These myths aren’t necessarily...
Cindy Bates, Vice President, SMB&D group, Microsoft

Why cloud technology is key to helping your SMB stay ahead of the game

By Cindy Bates, Vice President, US Small and Midsized Business & Distribution (SMB&D) group, Microsoft. Growth. It’s a topic top of mind for nearly every SMB owner. Based on my experiences running the U.S. Small...
Mohammed Farooq, CEO, Gravitant

Gravitant: Provider of Comprehensive Solutions That Address The Primary Cloud Pain Points

While cloud computing has much promise, it also has a number of challenges for enterprises that are used to the on-premises way of doing IT. These challenges include knowing which app is best suited...
Sanjay Chadha, CEO, Cerno Technologies

Cerno Technologies: Understanding The Demands of Today’s Business Enjoinments Across The Globe

Cloud computing is gaining momentum in terms of companies experimenting and partially adopting cloud solutions. Headquartered in the New York City, Cerno has developed several solutions based on the specific needs of customers. Cerno...
Liran Eshel, CEO and Co-Founder, CTERA

CTERA: Cloud Storage With Maximum Data Security & Flexibility

The IT industry is entering into a new era of cloud-enabled services where enterprises and service providers alike will spend over $100 billion on cloud infrastructure and services this year alone (IDC). Against this...
Marc Landry, CEO And Jason Lamb, CTO, CorePLUS

CorePlus: Focused on a Unified and Agnostic Approach to the Cloud

In a recent IBM CIO survey the number of CIOs mentioning cloud computing as a crucial technology jumped to 64% in 2014 versus some 30% who characterized the technology as crucial in 2009. Established...
Todd M. Raba, President and CEO

GridPoint: An Innovator in Data Driven Energy Management Solutions

GridPoint, a provider of energy management systems (EMS) incorporating remote hardware and centralized data processing, software and analytics, GridPoint has lot of experience implementing Cloud Computing technologies. As an early adopter of Cloud Computing,...