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Cloud Computing Companies

You can find list of cloud computing companies, their products and services. You can contact them for your requirements. For article submission click here.

cloud POS

Cloud POS Systems – A Primer

A cloud POS or cPOS is built to pull data seamlessly from remote servers. This translates to no more dependence on local physical servers(nearby servers) for your precious database. A sound internet...
Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO, Content Guru

Content Guru Deputy CEO Martin Taylor Presents on Using Intelligent Automation to Provide Higher...

Rakuten revealed how the organization successfully uses Content Guru's cloud-based storm® platform to transform customer experience.
Etay Bogner, CEO, Meta Networks

Software-Defined Perimeters Challenge the Corporate VPN on Security

Zero-Trust Network Access is the alternative to VPN for secure remote access to any application, anywhere.
Adam Slutskin, Chief Revenue Officer, eFolder

eFolder Names Adam Slutskin as Chief Revenue Officer

Company Appoints Channel Sales Veteran as it Brings Comprehensive Data Protection to Organizations Worldwide DENVER, Colo., August 2, 2017 – eFolder, a market leader in business continuity solutions for the IT Channel, today announced that...
Stephen Orban, Global Head of Enterprise Strategy, Amazon.

Some Cloud Best Practices from iTMethods

By Stephen Orban, Global Head of Enterprise Strategy, Amazon. “Life is a journey. When we stop, things don’t go right.” -Pope Francis My recent post “Don’t Let Traditional Managed Services Providers Hold You Back” illustrated how shifts...
Josette Fleszar, CEO, Jigsaw

How to Make Your Cloud-Based Technology Have a Silver Lining in a Virtual Environment

Cloud technology is no longer an innovation of the future. In fact, the benefits of the cloud have been utilized and embraced by businesses and schools, thus making it a standard way of conducting...
Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore

The Top Five Vectors for Data Loss in the Enterprise

By Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore With 2017 in full swing, organizations are planning their budgets for the year. In order to figure out the best way to allocate funds, it’s important to identify existing problem...
Phil Friedman, President and CEO, CGS

CGS: Ensuring Cloud Design Considers Application Requirements

The current cloud computing landscape is crowded, as many vendors offer a cloud-based solution with varying definitions of the cloud. There are quite a few large and smaller-scale providers that deliver a true cloud...
Mohammed Farooq, CEO, Gravitant

Gravitant: Provider of Comprehensive Solutions That Address The Primary Cloud Pain Points

While cloud computing has much promise, it also has a number of challenges for enterprises that are used to the on-premises way of doing IT. These challenges include knowing which app is best suited...
Gaurav Manglik, Co-founder and CEO, CliQr

CliQr: Addressing Dynamic Customer Issues And Problems

Cloud computing is proving itself to be one of the biggest shifts in Information Technology (IT) since the Internet. Over the last four years, cloud computing has rapidly evolved from being viewed with fear...