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Big data

Jan-Kees Buenen, CEO, Synerscope

Synerscope : Focusing On Human-Computer Symbiosis

The high-tech spin-off company SynerScope, has exceedingly mastered the art of collecting and storing data in an effective and economical way, in the Big Data Landscape. However, the most important step of sense making...
Tyron Moser, CEO, Moser Consulting, Inc

Moser Consulting, Inc: Bridging The Gap Between The Information And The Customers

Big Data experts Moser believe that the biggest challenges they face are not associated to any technical shortcomings, rather they are due to the orthogonal nature of IT projects and business projects. In other...
Ali Kutay, CEO, WebAction

Big data driven apps for Financial Services, Agile Enterprises

Big Data is here to stay, and it’s getting bigger. Volume, variety, and velocity are growing at ever increasing rates, and the data is coming from more diverse sources than ever (Internet...
Wared Seger, CEO, Parrot Analytics Limited

Parrot Analytics Limited: Delivering Unparalleled Value to Customers

When it comes to Big Data in the TV and Film industry, Parrot Analytics is one name your most likely not to miss. Backed by a team of data scientists, engineers and visualization experts,...
Jay Philips, CEO & President, TeamQualityPro

TeamQualityPro: Providing Ability To Pull Data From Multiple Sources

Today companies have data spread throughout their organizations but they are not using the data to their full advantage. The data that is pulled in, whether manually or automated, isn’t put together to provide...
Rob Simplot, CEO, RCG Global Services, Inc

RCG Global Services, Inc: An Unique Solution Provider In The Vendor Universe

With the introduction of Big Data, today’s organization has access to large amount of data like never before. A few years back unstructured data was considered of no use, but now with Big Data...
Kameshwar Eranki, Founder & CEO, VajraSoft Inc

VajraSoft Inc : Helping Customers To Manage Innovations And Monetize IP’s

According to a study conducted last year, a conventional firm has on average 125TB of data, but they utilize about 12% of it. This put forward a challenge to Big Data. In order to...
Kris Lynch, CEO & Founder, SmartBase Solutions

SmartBase Solutions: Executing Solutions with Maximum Focus on the Customer Base

SmartBase believes that to position your company for growth, one of the first steps is to be confident that your business is running efficiently with your current data. This ideology has helped the organization...
Wai Wong, President and CEO, WGSigma

WGSigma Helping Enterprises Capture Untapped Revenue Sources

From medicine to national security, today Big Data is transforming many facets of modern life. Big Data provides impressively easy paths to information that can radically change the way we live. Headquartered at CA...
Bradley R Bebee, CEO, Systap, LLC

Systap, LLC: Delivering Graphs at Scale

Systap delivers solutions that enable customers to scale their graphs. They have developed offerings to handle nearly all ranges of business challenges for graph and graph applications. This includes embedded graph database...