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Power of combining AI and Big data

Power of combining AI and Big data

Power of combining AI and Big data
Rich Wagner, CEO, Prevedere

The New 3R’s of Business Intelligence

In the past, analysts considered the 3R’s – the right data, at the right time, for the right people – as core principles driving enterprise business intelligence. However, this approach is no longer sufficient,...
Jin Zhang, VP of Product, CA Technologies

Walking the balance beam – why it’s smart to combine specific business goal with...

Data is the new currency. Social media is now the hottest way to raise consumer support ticket. Sentiment analysis are being more and more accurate in understanding customer desire. There is enough evidence these...
Valerie Howard, Senior Industry Solutions Manager, PROS, Inc

Transforming Big Data into Big Value in the New World of Modern Commerce

Transforming Big Data into Big Value in the New World of Modern Commerce By Valerie Howard, Senior Industry Solutions Manager, PROS, Inc.
Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24

SAP and Big Data: When two BIG worlds collide

By Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24 Big Data continues to be an item that is highly talked about, but minimally implemented, and SAP continues to grow as a leader in the ERP space. What we are...
Larry Olson, Nexus Global

Who’s Your Data?

By Larry Olson, CEO, Nexus Global Business Solutions Asset taxonomy combined with nomenclature data (metadata) and performance data along with asset health information are some of the important inputs used in making decisions and setting...
Prasenjit Bhadra, CTO – Cygnus Professionals Inc

Innovation through Big Data and Advance Analytics: The role of next generation Enterprise Architecture...

The evolution of Big Data and Advance analytics in enterprise IT ecosystem has caused a widespread disruption in business transformation initiatives across all verticals. The initial success in managing and manipulating large volume of...
Carme Artigas, Co-Founder and Partner

Synergic Partners: Creating Business Value Through Big Data And Data Science

Big Data has been hyped so heavily these days and the companies are investing like crazy in data scientists, data warehouses, and data analytics softwares. Head quartered in Spain, Synergic Partners is helping companies...
Ivan Teh, CEO, Fusionex

Fusionex – The GIANT Leap

The advent of superior technologies related to the internet of things (“IoT”) has created a vast space for data in a manner not possible before. There is data everywhere; and it’s growing bigger faster...
Jan-Kees Buenen, CEO, Synerscope

Synerscope : Focusing On Human-Computer Symbiosis

The high-tech spin-off company SynerScope, has exceedingly mastered the art of collecting and storing data in an effective and economical way, in the Big Data Landscape. However, the most important step of sense making...