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AI Companies

Here you can find some of AI Companies in the US including their products and services. For article submission click here.

Doug Duncan, CIO, Columbia Insurance Group

Artificial Intelligence – what is it, really?

As a technology leader, it is my job to make technology understandable, actionable, and within reach of my organization. With thousands of technology providers competing for a piece of the market,...
Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO, Content Guru

Content Guru Deputy CEO Martin Taylor Presents on Using Intelligent Automation to Provide Higher...

Rakuten revealed how the organization successfully uses Content Guru's cloud-based storm® platform to transform customer experience.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and its future

Artificial intelligence is likely to soon replace tasks that require repetitive or basic tasks to solve problems, and even go beyond the current human capabilities.
Power of combining AI and Big data

Power of combining AI and Big data

Power of combining AI and Big data