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Power of combining AI and Big data

Power of combining AI and Big data

Power of combining AI and Big data
Etay Bogner, CEO, Meta Networks

Software-Defined Perimeters Challenge the Corporate VPN on Security

Zero-Trust Network Access is the alternative to VPN for secure remote access to any application, anywhere.
Use of AI in Cybersecurity

Use Of AI In Cyber Security

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Incident Response Tool from Cynet Validates Suspected Breaches and Removes Confirmed Threats

Effortlessly identify, block and respond to all types of attacks on your organization’s network, without the heavy burden of deep cyber expertise and the overhead of multiple products.
Apple AR Glasses 2020

Apple AR Glasses 2020

Apple doesn’t consider it's AR as a dedicated product, such as Microsoft HoloLens or Snap glasses, instead Apple AR device will be...
Samsung pay

Samsung Pay Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency portfolio is an application that stores private keys and public addresses and is used for the management ( storage, shipping or...

Predikly: Enabling RPA and AI-ML Powered Data Solutions

Here we are in conversation with Sunil S Ranka - Founder CEO of Predikly a Silicon Valley-based company specializing in AI-ML enables Analytics, RPA...
Rich Wagner, CEO, Prevedere

The New 3R’s of Business Intelligence

In the past, analysts considered the 3R’s – the right data, at the right time, for the right people – as core principles driving...
Cyber Security Magazine

Issue-1: Cyber Security Magazine

Dear Reader, CIO Story Cyber Security Issue 1 contains the articles written by the following authors, companies, and experts. George Viegas, Chapman University Bill Strang,...
Bill Strang, Chairman & CEO, CIS Secure


CIS Secure Computing began operations almost 12 years ago by designing and selling innovative hardware products that supported the US Intelligence Community. This later...

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