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New Videos Take CISO/Security Vendor Relationship to the Extreme

The CyOps team includes security analysts, as well as security and malware researchers whose expertise provides incident response, forensics, threat hunting and malware analysis.
Arnd Baranowski, CEO, Oculeus

Oculeus now helps telcos earn revenue from fraud prevention

Since its launch in December 2018, Oculeus-Protect has been enabling telcos and enterprises to deal with PBX frauds effectively, said Oculeus’ CEO, Arnd Baranowski.
Oren Eini, CEO, RavenDB

RavenDB: Driving DX through DB infrastructure management

RavenDB offers DBaaS managed cloud service, in addition to on-premise licenses. It supports multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker and even Raspberry Pis.
Etay Bogner, VP, Zero-Trust Products, Proofpoint and former CEO of Meta Networks

The Need for Corporate VPNs with Need-to-Know Access

By Etay Bogner, VP, Zero-Trust Products, Proofpoint and former CEO of Meta Networks According to Gartner, “Zero trust networking is a concept for secure network connectivity where the initial...
cloud POS

Cloud POS Systems – A Primer

A cloud POS or cPOS is built to pull data seamlessly from remote servers. This translates to no more dependence on local physical servers(nearby servers) for your precious database. A sound internet...

AR Applications To Be On The Lookout For

Apple has been in on augmented reality for a while now. Its ARKit, for instance, has helped bring the technology to a wider audience, allowing customers to use iOS apps to experiment...
Doug Duncan, CIO, Columbia Insurance Group

Artificial Intelligence – what is it, really?

As a technology leader, it is my job to make technology understandable, actionable, and within reach of my organization. With thousands of technology providers competing for a piece of the market,...
Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO, Content Guru

Content Guru Deputy CEO Martin Taylor Presents on Using Intelligent Automation to Provide Higher...

Rakuten revealed how the organization successfully uses Content Guru's cloud-based storm® platform to transform customer experience.

StorONE Teams with Seagate to Maximize Storage Performance

StorONE's TRU S1 software ensures a customer's hardware investment will match the rated IOPS, throughput, and capacity of the drives regardless of whether they are SSD, NVMe or HDD.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and its future

Artificial intelligence is likely to soon replace tasks that require repetitive or basic tasks to solve problems, and even go beyond the current human capabilities.