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Pascale Guay, CEO and President, Dialog Insight, talks about Customer Experience

Customer Experience Improvements That Come with Big Data

Dialog Insight is very optimistic about the future as new capacities of dealing with large numbers of collected and real-time processed information arise. Now that technological system can handle high volumes of...
Digital Alchemy logo

Future-Proof Marketing Strategies for your Business

B2B Marketing Strategies In its initial years, Digital Alchemy (DA) had started off as an analytics company with a number of actuaries delivering solutions to specific business problems. Over...
Jim Iyoob, Executive Vice President, Etech Global Services

How to use marketing automation to resolve customer query

Marketing automation is the technology that helps your company perform regular tasks more effectively. Think of some of the biggest companies you know, for example, Amazon. You can’t believe that someone at Amazon actually...
Joshua Perina, CEO, Elastic Email

Elastic Email’s Custom Platform is Leading the Industry

Elastic Email has been one of the fastest growing Email Service providers over the past few years. The aggressively priced service has experienced over 100% growth in email volume and revenue year after year...