The Future of Insurance USA, November 16 – 18, 2020

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How to Avoid Legal Issues in a Trucking Business

How to Avoid Legal Issues in a Trucking Business

The trucking industry is one of the places known to be a quagmire of legal risks. If you paused for a minute to think of the myriad of legal issues facing the...
Abortion and the minimum wage law

Abortion and the minimum wage law

Abortion and the minimum wage law are not usually linked together. Their juxtaposition puts one in mind of oil and water, or fish and bicycles. Yet, surprisingly, these two...
Beware Of Commercial Truck Accidents- Know The Factors Responsible

Beware Of Commercial Truck Accidents- Know The Factors Responsible

The number of truck accidents across the US is increasing and the figures are alarming. Scarier is the fact that these crashes are far more dangerous and life-threatening as compared to car...
Ron Collins, Founder, Amicus Attorney

us Attorney: Keeping Vision and Approach Constantly at the Forefront

Amicus Attorney is a practice management solution designed for lawyers. It manages both the professional side of a law practice (like client matter files, document management, legal drafting, legal docketing etc) and the business...
Ron Aspe, Founder and CEO, Lucidea

Benefits of Knowledge Management Software for Law Firms

Critical law firm information assets are often physically captured but logically lost – either in departmental silos, document or records management systems, or on shared drives, for example– and the simple ability...
Larry Hurtado, President and CEO, Digital Defense, Inc

Digital Defense, Inc: Taking A Holistic Approach To Information Security

Organizations across industries, including law firms, are increasingly challenged with defending against many diverse threats with limited resources to protect information assets. With new technology comes new security challenges and increases risk. Digital Defense, Inc....
Kevin D. Glass, President and CEO, HAYSTACKID

HAYSTACKID: The Bet-The-Company Solutions Provider

If there was a roster of bet-the-company digital forensics and eDiscovery providers, HAYSTACKID would surely top that list. When it comes to high stakes or high profile digital forensics and eDiscovery related matters, the...
Derek Miller, inData

inData: Expertise in Trial Presentation

Since its inception in 1984, inData has developed a reputation for expertise in many areas, but primarily in trial presentation. In 1996, inData set the standard in this arena when it released its first...
Kimothy Taylor, President & COO, IPRO Tech

IPRO Tech: Focused On Revolutionizing eDiscovery

Today’s litigation workflow is fraught with high costs, human errors and inefficiencies, according to Kim Taylor, President and COO of Ipro Tech. Ipro is determined to realize its {i-proclamation}TM , that “simple, affordable and...
Amy Porter, CEO, LawPay

LawPay: Focused On Providing Payment Solutions for the Legal Industry

There has been a drastic shift over the last five years from paper check payments to credit and debit cards. It is estimated that by 2017, only 15% of payments will still be handled...