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Rosemary Kupfert, Legal Technology Consultant, BQE Software

BQE Software: Developers of Innovative Practice Management Software

Law firms around the globe are facing many challenges today. With the economic downturn, clients have become sensitive to the need for improved efficiency and value, and most importantly, reduced cost. The clients want the...
Mike Melville, CEO, Contract Logix, LLC

Contract Logix, LLC : Guiding Customers Down The Path To Contract Management Success

Contract Logix, LLC was established with an objective of streamlining the contract management process. Their robust software products, professional services, and hosting solutions deliver on the requirements of wide range of customers. They address...
Rob Kleeger, Founder & Managing Director, Digital4nx Group, Ltd.

Digital4nx Group, Ltd. : Serving Clients Systematically

It is a fact of modern life that an enormous volume of information is created, exchanged, and stored electronically. (ESI) electronically stored information is commonplace in our personal lives and in the operation of...
Andrea Wallack, CEO, NightOwl Discovery

NightOwl Discovery: A Trusted Information Management Partner for Corporations

NightOwl Discovery provides a complete range of services and technology-driven tools for corporations to address the entire EDRM spectrum, from early-stage litigation hold consulting to data mapping, collection, processing, hosting, document review and production....
Anne-Marie Scollay, Director IT Operations, Serengeti Law


In an era where digitalization is the new norm and IT budgets are not growing significantly, CIOs are in a position to become digital leaders by not only partnering with key stakeholders in the...
Jay Madsen, CEO, Lecorpio

Lecorpio: Cloud-based intellectual property (IP) management and analytics

As more companies look to secure market share, the ability to harness innovation enterprise-wide becomes a vital success metric in developing a well-balanced portfolio. Lecorpio’s IP Management solution means that IP attorneys spend less...
Amy Porter, CEO, LawPay

LawPay: Focused On Providing Payment Solutions for the Legal Industry

There has been a drastic shift over the last five years from paper check payments to credit and debit cards. It is estimated that by 2017, only 15% of payments will still be handled...
Kimothy Taylor, President & COO, IPRO Tech

IPRO Tech: Focused On Revolutionizing eDiscovery

Today’s litigation workflow is fraught with high costs, human errors and inefficiencies, according to Kim Taylor, President and COO of Ipro Tech. Ipro is determined to realize its {i-proclamation}TM , that “simple, affordable and...
Derek Miller, inData

inData: Expertise in Trial Presentation

Since its inception in 1984, inData has developed a reputation for expertise in many areas, but primarily in trial presentation. In 1996, inData set the standard in this arena when it released its first...
Kevin D. Glass, President and CEO, HAYSTACKID

HAYSTACKID: The Bet-The-Company Solutions Provider

If there was a roster of bet-the-company digital forensics and eDiscovery providers, HAYSTACKID would surely top that list. When it comes to high stakes or high profile digital forensics and eDiscovery related matters, the...