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Reuben Vandeventer, Chief Data Officer in Residence, Infogix

Data Governance 101: Mapping Strategies Before Selecting Technologies

Transforming enterprise data into analytical insights that boost organizational growth, increase profit and better serve customers is key in today’s digital economy. Yet some of the most recognizable...
K M Pickhardt, CEO, Pharos

Pharos: Making Print The Way It Should Be

By K M Pickhardt, CEO, Pharos Pharos Systems has a new take on an old problem. The company has a passion for one of the oldest information technologies still in use – printing. While technologies have...
Mike Przepiora, CEO, Toriigate Inc

Toriigate Inc: Building IT Solutions Tailored For Clients

IT technologies are changing at an increasingly rapid rate and IT organizations/processes are challenged with meeting their user’s needs in a timely and cost-effective way. Educating users in all these challenges is the big...
Angela Wilson, President and CEO, SeKON

HITECH Act in Healthcare: SeKON

Continuing To Seek Clients With Transformational Challenges Achieving a consolidated view of mission data, gaining visibility into business activities, and streamlining processes are very real challenges of many government...
Jeffrey Rocha, CEO and Principal, The Millennium Group

The Millennium Group: Building Organizational Capacity

Can performance be sustained even as budgets are reduced and requirements become more complex? Government agencies are experiencing unprecedented pressure to perform. In many cases, this pressure requires transformative not incremental improvement. While the...
John T. Lau, Co-Founder & President, D2 TEAM-Sim

D2 TEAM-Sim: A Complete Solution For Effective e-Learning Courseware Development

“The Army Learning Model (ALM) 2015 does not focus on any particular technology, but rather focuses on the opportunities presented by dynamic virtual environments, by on-line gaming and by mobile learning. It speaks of...
Jose Duarte, CEO, UNIT4

UNIT4: Bringing Powerful Enterprise Resource Planning tothe Public Sector

Public sector organizations worldwide look for efficient management of affairs, competitive information access and the responsible use of public monies. There is a lot of focus on accountability and need for constant betterment. So...
Jeff Goins, President & CEO, Adaptive

Adaptive: Managing The Balance of Transparency and Governance

With the amount, velocity, complexity, and importance of enterprise information growing at an exponential rate, organizations today are faced with new challenges in data management and data analytics. Without a complete understanding of an...
Deepak Jain, Founder & Chief Executive, AiNET

AiNET: Mission Critical Infrastructure For Your Crucial Data

When a company or organization needs secure data center space, access to high speed optical fiber networks, hosting and management of critical applications, that company turns to AiNET. AiNET is a recognized leader in the...
Sean, Bidsync

Bidsync : Governing The Public Sector e-Procurement Market

Bidsync, the players of the market will remember were evaluated New Jersey’s highest for technical competencies and were among the first names in pricing. Since then their volley of products have only increased, and...