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LogNet Billing

LogNet Billing scores a double at IT World Awards

LogNet Billing today announced that the company has won two awards at the recent IT World Awards event. For the first award, LogNet won in the category for the Best IT Solution for Utilities. LogNet...
Kirill Rechter CEO, LogNet Billing

Strategic billing as a new service provider growth engine

Billing is no longer the just functional process of calculating usage and compiling invoices. Today, billing operations hold much more strategic importance to service providers in many vertical markets. This is particularly the case in...
Emiliano Conde, President, jBilling

Flexible Alternative to Rigid, Legacy Billing System

For organizations aiming to disrupt, billing can’t be a stumbling block, it must enable. Whether they’renew entrants expecting high growth, or established enterprises defending their space, companies are looking for transformative technologies that drive...
Liza Smith, Senior Vice President, OneShield, Inc

Business Drivers Shifts Insurers to As-A-Service Billing

By Liza Smith, Senior Vice President, OneShield, Inc. The insurance industry is undergoing a technology transformation that will change the way we envision and operate business today and in the future. Answering this call for...
Eric Christ, CEO, PracticeAdmin

Best-of-breed billing solutions

PracticeAdmin's ProviderSuite practice management Software as a Service (SaaS) integrates with leading EHR systems providing customers with a robust platform that coordinates patient data and claims between the PM and EMR systems. It is...
Igor Green, CEO & Morgan Duncan, MD, UtiliBill

Billing on the Cloud for Utility CIO’s

Resistance to change is very natural for even the top most executive in an organization. Though billing solutions offered on the cloud is not a new normal; focusing on specific industry and addressing the...