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Don Joos, CEO, ShoreTel

ShoreTel: Flexible, Productivity-boosting Communications Solutions

ShoreTel offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective unified communications solutions available in the market today – from enterprise contact centers spanning multiple locations, to mobility solutions that connect teams via smartphones and tablets, to...
Steve Novak, Chairman and CEO, Quisk

Quisk: The Next Step in the Evolution of Money™

A Silicon Valley-based start-up, Quisk, Inc., is working to enable consumers to use their money without needing cash, cards, or wallets. Quisk partners with financial institutions and other organizations to remove the pain and...
Jarrett Appleby, COO, Digital Realty

Digital Realty: Providing Data Center Solutions On a Global Basis

As the world becomes increasingly digital, and Big Data, Cloud, social, and mobile technologies play an ever-expanding role in our personal and professional lives, the role of a modern data center becomes much more...
Michael Crosby, President, BoardEx

BoardEx : Why your CRM is a failure and how to fix it.

Salesforce claims to be the #1 service at “opening doors” and “closing deals”. What they don’t tell you is that they are selling you a frame and you supply the door. They also don’t...
Rohil Sharma, CEO, Perpetuuiti

Perpetuuiti: The Cool Vendor For Business Continuity Management

Businesses today are confronted with a seemingly limitless variety of threats, including identity theft, organized hacking, ever-changing legislative and compliance requirements, data loss, and more. As the complexity of threats increases, the need for...
Samer S. Hanna, Group CEO & Chairman, Capital Banking Solutions

Capital Banking Solutions: Thriving To Meet Customer Needs

According to Samer Hanna, Group Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Capital Banking Solutions, BFSI industry is constantly challenged by market changes, new regulations and mostly by the emergence of new technologies. Capital Banking Solutions are...
Ahmad Oliaei, Founder, Consolsys Sdn Bhd

Consolsys Sdn Bhd: Changing The Way An Organization Does Things

Consolsys Sdn Bhd started its operations in 1999. It is a Malaysian based company dedicated to providing business automation solutions to the Financial Services Industry (FSI). Consolsys group currently serves 20+ of the largest...
Luis Romero, President & CEO, EquiSoft

EquiSoft: Delivering The Best Solutions And Successful Implementations

The financial crisis has slowed the advancement of investment technology in the wealth management and insurance industries. Companies are leaner; needing to do more faster and with less staff. The internet has accelerated the...
Ramakrishna Raju, CEO, Pennant

Pennant: Providers Of Right-Fit Business Driven Technology Solutions to the Banking Industry

Today, banks are facing multiple pressures from various quarters that include the emerging regulatory pressures, competition from non banks and ever increasing customer expectations. Now more than ever, banks need to focus on the...
Todd Rissel, Co-Founder, e2Value

e2Value: Guiding The User Among The Plethora of Answers

e2Value offers state-of-the-art online software for property valuation solutions used by the insurance, inspection and banking industries primarily to determine the most accurate replacement cost for residential, commercial and agricultural properties in the US,...