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BFSI Magazines

BFSI Magazine

Views on BFSI industry

Chris Askew, Chief Operating Officer, Cinch Home Services

Old Dog, New Tricks: How Legacy Brands Can Rediscover their Innovative DNA

Society is fascinated with industry disruption and the innovative startups driving it. While many believe large corporations can innovate, they are not typically seen at the front of the pack developing bold...
How Unfiled Tax Can Hurt Your Business

How Unfiled Tax Can Hurt Your Business?

It’s not unusual for businesses, particularly startups, to run into issues with the IRS. A common one is finding yourself in a situation where you fail to file your business returns. For...
Ramakrishna Raju, CEO, Pennant

Pennant: Providers Of Right-Fit Business Driven Technology Solutions to the Banking Industry

Today, banks are facing multiple pressures from various quarters that include the emerging regulatory pressures, competition from non banks and ever increasing customer expectations. Now more than ever, banks need to focus on the...
Allan Zander, CEO, DataKinetics

DataKinetics : The world of Data Performance and Optimization

With more than 35+ years in business, it’s no surprise that DataKinetics has become the global leader in the Data Performance and Optimization Solutions field. The industry—the companies that need help with performance and optimization—varies...
Tim Wallace, CEO, iPipeline

iPipeline: Continuing to Innovate and Extend Technology Leadership

The life insurance industry still primarily relies on legacy core systems and manual processes which are resource-intensive, lack flexibility, and ultimately slow down the sales process leading to lost premiums and unnecessary costs, observes...
John Byrne, President and CEO, Tricerat

Tricerat: Committed to quality In Product And Customer Service

Tricerat is all about simplifying IT. Their products and services give the IT administrator an opportunity to focus on other, more strategic aspects of their job by automating and simplifying processes. Tricerat focuses mostly...
Roberto Medrano, EVP, AKANA

AKANA: Helping Customers Integrate, Develop and Manage the Applications for the New Digital World

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Akana is a leading provider of API Management and SOA Governance solutions. Akana is focused on providing enterprises with solutions to share data with APIs, connect and integrate applications, drive...
Steven O’Hanlon, CEO, Numerix

Numerix: Anticipating Change for Risk and Pricing Analytics

As an early pioneer of derivatives pricing analytics, Numerix has always anticipated market needs and evolved its software to help financial institutions comply with complex financial regulations. Because it has never failed to adapt to...
Todd Rissel, Co-Founder, e2Value

e2Value: Guiding The User Among The Plethora of Answers

e2Value offers state-of-the-art online software for property valuation solutions used by the insurance, inspection and banking industries primarily to determine the most accurate replacement cost for residential, commercial and agricultural properties in the US,...
Daniel J. O’Connor, President and CEO, Paragon Solutions

Paragon Solutions: Providing High Quality Information Technology and Advisory Services That Deliver Business...

The financial services market today is faced with several significant challenges. Most significant among them is delivering a consistent and seamless client-centric customer experience anytime, anywhere, across physical and digital channels with the highest...