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CxO Perspective

In this CXO Perspective section eminent B2B and B2C CIO’s, CEO’s, CMO’s, CTO’s, Key decision-makers, industry experts have written articles by themselves. Get most of it.

By Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect, Red Hat

Hygiene is universal: Five “hygienic” security practices that matter for cloud-native applications

By now, you’ve likely heard about Linux containers - if not from your IT or developer teams, then from the many analysts, journalists and other influencers watching the enterprise technology world. Linux containers allow...
George Viegas, Information Security and Privacy at Chapman University

Using ‘agile’ for successful technical information security programs

The agile process has been around for some time. It is well embedded in software companies and the software development lifecycle, but not so much in IT. Information Security can benefit much from the...
Theresa Payton, CEO and Co-Founder, Fortalice

From the White House server room to your company’s front door – the CIO...

The success (or failure) of a company to protect digital data is a window into the soul of cybersecurity today. Why do bad things happen or not happen? Everyone-- from grandma to Oscar winners to major...
Bob Karschnia, VP/GM of Wireless, Emerson Automation Solutions

Apps Simplify Data Analytics to Deliver Bottom Line Benefits Quickly

More and more data is being collected and stored daily, with manufacturing leading the trend by generating about twice as much data as government, the next largest data generator. Organizations know there is value...
John Brady, CISO, Secure-24

10 Simple, Low Cost Ways to Improve Information Security

With today’s technology advancements, it is more apparent that ‘information security’ within the workplace is a top priority, not just for IT professionals, but for all management professionals. Security breaches, depending upon the severity...
Damien Dujacquier and Mohit Gidwani

For telecom operators, digitization is both a necessity and an opportunity

With the arrival of smart devices and use-cases such as smart homes, smart cars, smart cities and with analytics and artificial intelligence set to play an increasingly important role in business and personal life,...
Walter Paley, Director, Marketing , SafeLogic

Compliance – It’s Not a Dirty Word

From a pessimist’s point of view (or someone that has had their arm twisted to meet a standard), compliance is a necessary evil, an act of submission, kneeling to an arbitrary requirement that has...
Nick Ilitch, Secure-24, VP Product

You shouldn’t need to manage your Managed Service Provider!

… and 6 other ways to find out if you’re undervalued by your MSP Everyone has probably been there: it’s late in the day, and you’re routed through multiple people re-explaining your issue over...
Jin Zhang, VP of Product, CA Technologies

Walking the balance beam – why it’s smart to combine specific business goal with...

Data is the new currency. Social media is now the hottest way to raise consumer support ticket. Sentiment analysis are being more and more accurate in understanding customer desire. There is enough evidence these...
Adam Bowen, Delphix

He Ain’t Heavy; He’s My Data

The explosion of data in the recent years has had some knock-on effects. For example: Data theft is far more prevalent and profitable now than ever before. Ever heard of Crime-as-a-Service? There is now...