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CxO Perspective

In this CXO Perspective section eminent B2B and B2C CIO’s, CEO’s, CMO’s, CTO’s, Key decision-makers, industry experts have written articles by themselves. Get most of it.

Mostafa Sayyadi, CAHRI, AFAIM, CPMgr

Effective Leadership in Technology

Leaders play a critical role in technology and fundamentally affect the way corporate functions run. Look at Steve Jobs, who dramatically changed Apple Computer, Inc., and fundamentally built a different organization. He created a...
Mostafa Sayyadi, CAHRI, AFAIM, CPMgr

How to Implement Information Technology within Companies?

The emergence of global business environments drives companies to become world-class. Executives within companies can play a crucial role in achieving a high level of effectiveness and world class efficiency. There are many academic...
Mostafa Sayyadi, CAHRI, AFAIM, CPMgr

Employing IT professionals to Improve Employee Engagement and Enhance Knowledge Flow within Companies

Today‘s globalized nature of competitiveness is placing more pressure on organizations to employ effective leaders, males or females, who are capable to improve employee engagement within companies. There are many academic studies that focus...
Mostafa Sayyadi, CAHRI, AFAIM, CPMgr

Investing in Technology to Manage Organizational Knowledge

One scholar that is well known in the Academy of Management, one of the largest leadership and management organizations in the world by the name of Senge highlights the importance of knowledge for organizations....
Rich Wagner, CEO, Prevedere

The New 3R’s of Business Intelligence

In the past, analysts considered the 3R’s – the right data, at the right time, for the right people – as core principles driving enterprise business intelligence. However, this approach is no longer sufficient,...
Bob Karschnia, VP/GM of Wireless, Emerson Automation Solutions

Meeting Wireless Network Management Challenges

The proliferation of wireless networks in industrial plants and facilities has provided substantial benefits to end users in the form of improved operations, but has also raised some potential issues. Fortunately, these can be...
Shawn Campbell, Director of Product Management, SafeNet Assured Technologies

Bringing Biometrics to the Tactical Edge of Security – and Beyond

As security concerns mount domestically and abroad, databases are becoming a potent tactical tool, and a growing number of companies are arming the frontline with biometric tools to help identify threats and persons of...
Yaniv Avidan, Co-Founder & CEO, MinerEye

New article reveals the necessity of information governance and data classification for complying with...

Approaching the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective from May 2018, companies based in Europe or having personal data of people residing in Europe, are struggling to find their most valuable assets in...
Brian Wilson, Chief Customer Officer, Zenoss

CIOs New Strategic Plans Emphasize the Business Value of IT

As an IT infrastructure software vendor selling a strategic solution, we routinely have access to strategic plans FROM CIOs of Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies. We have absolutely seen a shift in the...
By Guy Buesnel, PNT Security Technologist, Spirent Communications, Paignton, Devon, UK

The Dark art of GPS spoofing surfaces in the Black Sea – and why...

Whilst Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) spoofing has often been regarded as an exotic, unrealistic GNSS attack scenario, recent events have shown that spoofing needs to be considered as much, if not more, of...