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CxO Perspective

In this CXO Perspective section eminent B2B and B2C CIO’s, CEO’s, CMO’s, CTO’s, Key decision-makers, industry experts have written articles by themselves. Get most of it.

Rajeev Gupta, CEO and Founder, DBSync

Cloud Strategy – Apps, Integration, Subscription and You

By Rajeev Gupta, CEO and Founder, DBSync Since Cloud computing has made big leaps in the past few years by emerging as a conventional business tool, several strategies have consequently surfaced. These myths aren’t necessarily...
By Mike Schipper, CEO, InsITe Business Solutions


It's nothing new, technology is always changing, but it's changing faster right now than I can recall. We hear it everywhere, and it's exhausting - Yep, the Cloud. But the cloud is truly enabling...
By Varun Chopra, CTO:CEO, Webner Solutions

Salesforce ­ How to do it right

Moving on from managing your customer relationships in a worksheet and deciding to do that in a CRM system like Salesforce is a big step forward. If you have already taken that step, and...
By Ankur Gopal, CEO, Interapt

Wearables on the Factory Floor: JIT in the Information Economy

Advanced manufacturing and supply chain logistics today are actively proving concepts only recently made possible by smart glasses and connected technologies that connect their frontline workforce to data that helps them work faster and...
By Greg Olsen, SVP Products, Falkonry Inc

Enterprise IoT: Top-down > Bottom-up

Our experience in working with several customers pursuing IoT initiatives has led to the following general conclusion, “Companies that operate IoT as one independent project at a time are better off than those that,...
James Brehm, Founder and Technology Evangelist, James Brehm & Associates LLC

Securing the IoT – a CYA Guide for CIO’s

On Friday, October 21, 2016, web services all but stopped for a time for customers of Dyn, a cloud-based Internet Performance Management (IPM) company based in Manchester, NH. For hours, Dyn, who’s platform is...
Vijay Pandiarajan, PhD, MIT Sloan Fellow ‘15, VP – Digital Transformation, ArborSpot, Inc.

Digital Tsunami

Tsunami Digital Tsunami is taking our corporate world by storm. Many fear because they are unprepared, some claim they are getting ready, and a few such as Amazon are smiling as they ride the...
By Dr.Joachim Schaper, Senior Vice President Research & Analytics, AGT International

Smart Analytics is at the Heart of Successful IoT

Sensing and understanding the connected physical and digital world is the key challenge AGT as a company addresses since 2007. As a result of this work the IoTA analytics core library is the most...
By Louis Philippe Lamoureux, Senior Product Manager, M2mi

IoT Manufacturing and Recurring Revenues

IoT hardware manufacturers are mainly concerned with one thing: selling their product. Although this certainly comes across as an obvious fact, it is becoming difficult for these manufacturers to increase their margins let alone...
By Gioia Pistola, CMO & Co-Founder, Atooma

Insurance and Telematics – How IoT is driving the 4.0 change

The insurance world has been never called upon to change like this. It is asked, by technology evolution, by customers savviness, and further the need for new business models, to develop analytical skills based...