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Views of SAP Solution Providers

Olalekan Ajayi, CEO, Stread IT

Stread IT: Enabling Business Solutions and Services to Small and Mid-sized Enterprises

As an end to end IT company alongside being a SAP partner, STREAD IT has been able to leverage her experience and knowledge from various software technology deployments to its SAP implementations, thereby meeting...
Manu Khetan, CEO, Rolling Arrays

Rolling Arrays: The Pioneers in Cloud HR & Hybrid HR Solutions

Nothing speaks better of Rolling Arrays presence in the fields of Human Resources, Cloud and Mobility than the SAP Gold Partner status, Best BPO Partner and Best Cloud Partner of the Year award that...

What are the Benefits of IT Enterprises Using Customized SAP Platform?

Customized SAP Platform with High Standards for Development Companies in recent times have been compelled to find better and faster ways of adapting SAP to new mobile customer journeys....
Larry Olson, President & CEO, Nexus Global Business Solutions Inc

Nexus Global Business Solutions Inc: Focusing On Clients’ Needs With Quality Niche APM Solutions

“The most important thing SAP will face is a guarantee of improved security as more and more devices connect via the cloud,’’ thinks Larry Olson, President / CEO, Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. He...

Herrington Technology: Strength in Brand. Advanced Technology Products, Solutions and Methods.

Herrington Technology provides solutions to help SAP customers win with technology for business. This includes working with customers to understand their business software options and how they can grow their business by ensuring that...
Johan Hermans, CEO, CSI tools

CSI tools: Guiding Customers To Simplify the Complexity

According to Johan Hermans, CEO, CSI tools, SAP security projects consume enormous budgets without really improving the security. 90% of the security administrators do not know how many transaction codes and authorization objects exist...
Don Foster, Sr. Director of Solutions, Marketing & Technical Alliances, Commvault

Commvault: Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business

Marketing & Technical AlliancesSAP offers organizations very high performing and advanced solutions, yet with that, our customers come to us to ensure they have a rock solid contingency plan as downtime with SAP can...
Ryan GoodMan, CEO, CMaps Analytics

CMaps Analytics: Helping to counter SAP challenges

CMaps Analytics delivers modern, cloud geo-mapping software solutions to the entire SAP portfolio. For the last seven years Centigon Solutions, now CMaps Analytics, has built on its success in its SAP BusinessObjects extensions to...
Willi Jost, CEO, beas group

beas group: Striving Towards Improving Productivity and Transparency

With a team that accounts for more than 25 years of experience and competent know-how in development, implementation and operation of industry solutions for manufacturing, it comes as no surprise that beas has emerged...
Mahadev Buddhavarapu, COO, Atum ITS

Atum ITS: Catalyst in the Wealth Creation for Clients

Entering transactional data into SAP is easy.SAP ERP has been designed for transactional processing and it excels at that. The challenge lies in extracting this ‘in’formation out of SAP in order to support reporting,...