Mark Dendinger, Principal, 3V Solutions

3V Solutions: With Vision on the Future

“Companies that use SAP have more advanced technologies and cloud based applications than ever to run their operations. Each year the advancement in technology...
Mahadev Buddhavarapu, COO, Atum ITS

Atum ITS: Catalyst in the Wealth Creation for Clients

Entering transactional data into SAP is easy.SAP ERP has been designed for transactional processing and it excels at that. The challenge lies in extracting...
Willi Jost, CEO, beas group

beas group: Striving Towards Improving Productivity and Transparency

With a team that accounts for more than 25 years of experience and competent know-how in development, implementation and operation of industry solutions for...
Ryan GoodMan, CEO, CMaps Analytics

CMaps Analytics: Helping to counter SAP challenges

CMaps Analytics delivers modern, cloud geo-mapping software solutions to the entire SAP portfolio. For the last seven years Centigon Solutions, now CMaps Analytics, has...
Don Foster, Sr. Director of Solutions, Marketing & Technical Alliances, Commvault

Commvault: Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business

Marketing & Technical AlliancesSAP offers organizations very high performing and advanced solutions, yet with that, our customers come to us to ensure they have...

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