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What is salesforce

What is Salesforce? Steps for Successful Saleforce deployment

What is Salesforce? Acclaimed worldwide and driven by incredible and extensive resources, Salesforce is one of the widely used and well-known sales efficiencies that has helped companies in different...

Cloud for Good – Bringing Non-profits To The Top

  Tal Frankfurt, CEO,Cloud for Good Every non-profit organization or a higher education institution hopes for a trusted partner that is capable of understanding and exemplifying the transformational impact of Salesforce. With more than a 1,000...
Jonathan Sapir, CEO, SilverTree Systems

SilverTree Systems, Inc. : Extending the power of Salesforce

The advent of cloud-based platforms like Salesforce open up a whole new range of possibilities for packaged application software. By providing all the core functionality needed to build and run applications in one place,...
Steve Simpson, President & CEO, Ethos Solutions

Ethos Solutions, LLC: Solving Business Challenges Through Innovative Applications

Who hasn’t heard similar stories about data Bermuda triangles, operational inefficiencies, and lack of overall tech savviness? Stories about established—and successful—companies collecting vast amounts of data but struggling to find the right kind of...
Using Automated Iconixx Compensation Management

Using Automated Iconixx Compensation Management

Countless companies continue to endure manual compensation management, time consuming and error prone operations to maintain critical compensation management programs that directly impact their most valuable, expensive, revenue-generating resources…but WHY?In a technology driven world,...
Andrew Thomas, CEO, Lava Protocols

Lava Protocols: Scaling Through Strategic Partnerships & Innovative Business Practices.

Taking pride in assisting customers achieve their objectives by guiding them on how to move quicker, think differently and work smarter, Lava Protocols has surpassed its competitors with its innovative practices. In less than a...
Jason Jacobs, CEO, Channeltivity

Channeltivity: Remaining Focused on the Highest Customer Satisfaction

It is commonly agreed among channel managers that their greatest pain points are staying top of mind with their partners, providing their partners with what they need to be successful, visibility into their channel...
Geraldine Gray, CEO, Endiem

Endiem: Delivering Projects that Drive Sales and Operation Results

Endiem is a registered Salesforce consulting partner founded by Salesforce MVP Geraldine Gray. They deliver smart solutions by working collaboratively and iteratively with customers to develop cohesive solutions to fit their customer business processes....
Manish Goel, CEO & Co-Founder, TrustSphere

TrustSphere: Relationship Analytics for Salesforce

Putting the ‘R’ into CRM Salesforce.com is a popular tool for managing customer relationships; TrustSphere’s clients recognize the value that Salesforce.com brings to their business. As a result, when they hear about how Relationship Analytics...
Bob Junke, Founder & CEO, Adventace

Adventace, LLC: Where Methodology Meets Automation™

The Adventace Sales Management System (“SMS”) is a Salesforce application that fully automates the processes, tools, and metrics provided in sales and sales management methodologies. This enables sales executives to better drive their sales...