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Business Platforms

Willi Jost, CEO, beas group

beas group: Striving Towards Improving Productivity and Transparency

With a team that accounts for more than 25 years of experience and competent know-how in development, implementation and operation of industry solutions for manufacturing, it comes as no surprise that beas has emerged...
Rustin Kretz, CEO, Scorpion

Scorpion: Innovation with a Positive, Solution-focused Attitude

Today’s consumer relies more and more on Internet searches through Google, social media, YouTube, etc. to find pertinent information that impacts their buying decisions. According to a recent comScore study on U.S. cross-platform use,...
Manish Goel, CEO & Co-Founder, TrustSphere

TrustSphere: Relationship Analytics for Salesforce

Putting the ‘R’ into CRM Salesforce.com is a popular tool for managing customer relationships; TrustSphere’s clients recognize the value that Salesforce.com brings to their business. As a result, when they hear about how Relationship Analytics...
Doug Winter, Founder & CEO, Seismic

Seismic: Connecting Marketing and Sales to B2B Prospects

Seismic is a cutting-edge sales enablement platform that helps companies increase marketing efficiency and sales effectiveness. The Seismic platform connects marketing and sales to ensure B2B prospects and customers receive a personalized experience from...
Lavinia Noble Surjove, Founder and CEO, Swift Pace Solutions Inc.

Swift Pace Solutions Inc,: Going an Extra Mile For Customer Satisfaction

Today IT enterprise infrastructure revolves around consolidation, time saving ways to manage existing applications and adding more application, which helps companies to simultaneously create differentiation and increase IT delivery capabilities, observes Lavinia Noble Surjove,...
Ryan GoodMan, CEO, CMaps Analytics

CMaps Analytics: Helping to counter SAP challenges

CMaps Analytics delivers modern, cloud geo-mapping software solutions to the entire SAP portfolio. For the last seven years Centigon Solutions, now CMaps Analytics, has built on its success in its SAP BusinessObjects extensions to...
Chris Everett, President, Captivate

Captivate: Harvesting Industry Revolutionizing Ideas

From optimizing the customer journey to developing strategic content marketing plans, Captivate Search Marketing believes that Search (SEO/SEM) plays an integral role in every aspect of their clients’ marketing plans. Search data typically reveals...
Bob Junke, Founder & CEO, Adventace

Adventace, LLC: Where Methodology Meets Automation™

The Adventace Sales Management System (“SMS”) is a Salesforce application that fully automates the processes, tools, and metrics provided in sales and sales management methodologies. This enables sales executives to better drive their sales...