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Dan Maude, President, Beacon Application Services

Beacon Application Services: Continuing To Be the Best at What They Do

According to Madeline Osit, COO of Beacon Applications Services Corporation the challenges faced by Oracle customers similar to what they have always been – dealing with the changes (and regulations) in the market, and...
Tim Bacci, CEO, Composer CipherSoft

Composer CipherSoft: Software that Providesan Automated way to Convert Oracle Forms Applications to Browser-Based...

According to Tim Bacci, CEO Daegis Inc., one of the major challenges faced by Oracle customers is the modernization of their Oracle Forms applications. Another challenge is minimizing the impact to the end users...
Rob Bernshteyn, CEO, Coupa Software Inc

Coupa Software Inc: Delivering Savings-as-a-Service That Drives Profitability

Oracle can be a strong financial backbone for global organizations, but many Oracle customers are challenged to optimize their Procure-to-Pay and Expense Management processes. Faced with siloed business processes and technology that is not...
Joe Rymsza, CO-CEO, Foresight Group International AG

Foresight Group International AG: Continuing To Evolve And Stay Ahead Of The Curve

All Oracle Life Sciences customers face the common challenge of keeping pace with organizational, technological and regulatory changes. Foresight Group, an Oracle Channel Partner, focuses exclusively on helping life sciences companies address their worldwide pharmacovigilance...
Jothi Radhakrishnan, President, iWorks Corporation

iWorks Corporation: The Right Partner for Consulting, Implementation, and Support

According to Jothi Radhakrishnan, President of iWorks Corporation (iWorks), Oracle customers face multiple challenges in the current environment.On an infrastructure level, clients face the economic pressures of shrinking budgets and accelerated timelines; confronted with...

Marand: Building Better Solutions For Customers

Looking at healthcare, where their focus is, Marand believes healthcare is starting to realise that the real value of IT is not in applications but data. Good data is the key to improving outcomes,...
John O’Keeffe, CEO and Co-Founder, More4Apps

More4Apps: ‘Out Of The Box’ End User Solutions for Oracle EBS integration

One of the major challenges Oracle customers face is getting data into their E-Business Suite (EBS)in a timely manner. The standard user interface provided by Oracle is fine for some data elements however they...
Pandyan Ramar, Middleware Administrator, OnwardPath Technology Solutions LLC

OnwardPath Technology Solutions LLC: Focused on Oracle WebCenter Integration Services

OnwardPath is an Oracle Gold Partner and they provide Systems Integration Services for Oracle WebCenter Suite product. Oracle WebCenter is one of the industry leading Portal and Content Management product. Oracle WebCenter is a...
Asif Ramji, CEO, Paymetric, Inc

Paymetric, Inc: Standard For Excellence in Secure Integrated Payments and Data Security

Processing electronic payments outside of the standard workflow introduces risk and inefficiencies for Oracle merchants, states Asif Ramji, CEO, Paymetric. Leading Oracle enterprise businesses seek an efficient, seamlessly integrated, safe and affordable way to accept...
Nag Karaka, CEO, PCB Apps

PCB Apps: Global Experience In Implementing Oracle Solutions With BlendedShore model

According to Nag Karaka, CEO, PCB Apps, one of the major challenges faced by the Oracle customers are the implementation partners concentrate on Bill-ability than understanding the customer problems “Success of the implementation depends...