Scott Raskin, CEO, Mindjet

Mindjet: Advanced Business Mind Mapping with MindManager Enterprise

Mindjet’s best-selling MindManager mind mapping software helps Microsoft customers deal with the three most common struggles they face today: Capturing ideas in an intuitive way. Our...
David Giangano, CEO, Nectar Services Corp

Nectar Services Corp: Providing Business Impact Views Of The UC Ecosystem

One of the most common issues Microsoft customers have when deploying Lync within the enterprise is making it work with an embedded infrastructure based...
Paul Barber, CEO, Prophix

Prophix: Among Gold-shine Of Microsoft’s Software Development Partners

Common challenges that Microsoft customers face is spending too much time and effort trying to function on basic tools, like excel – which though...
Jim Wenninger, CEO, Wenn Soft

Wenn Soft : Providing Solutions to Meet Industry-Specific Needs – WennSoft

One of the primary things that shows what a company is, is their customer policy. At WennSoft, the abundance of thought shown in this...
Steven O’Hanlon, CEO, Numerix

Numerix : The Leader in Derivatives Pricing, Valuation and Risk Management

Blurb: To be successful it’s imperative to have a clear understanding of the markets you’re in, the individuals you’re trying to motivate and the...

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