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Justin Cook, Ezra Silverton & Aaron Mogadam, Managing Partners, 9thCO

9thCO: Strong Team Leads to Strong Client Relationships

For digital agency 9thCO, retention is the key to success. According to founders Aaron Mogadam, Ezra Silverton and Justin Cook, hiring – and keeping – great employees is crucial for fostering creativity and ultimately...
Didi Dellanno, CEO, Tempus Nova

Tempus Nova: Targeting Innovation for the Long Term

Tempus Nova was founded in 2001 and was known as the Lotus Notes experts. The Google Apps solution was released in 2008, at which point Tempus Nova became a Google Apps Partner and Reseller....
Ryan George, CEO, Simpleview

Simpleview: Changing the Game for Travel Destinations Worldwide

Simpleview helps convention and visitors bureaus (the industry term is "destination marketing organizations" or "DMOs") by providing technologies and services for everything from convention sales to tourism marketing and day-to-day operations. Simpleview is a full-service...
Jasmine Panayotov, Managing Partner, Proceed Innovative LLC

Proceed Innovative LLC: Passionate about Clients’ Success

Today, websites have to be designed for online conversations. Web design and any online marketing initiative starts with the end results in mind and implementing well-defined metrics to measure the success of each online...
Matthew Palis, Owner & CEO, Infront Webworks

Infront Webworks: Committed to Excellence and Innovation

Infront Webworks is a different kind of online agency, one whose core purpose is to ‘liberate’. We leverage online technologies to create effective and innovative solutions that inspire, empower and liberate clients from wasted...
Anil Bhalla, CEO, Minacs

Minacs: Influencing Customer Behavior Through the Use of Multi-Channel Marketing Tactics

Most businesses have plenty of customer data but lack the direction to effectively organize and understand its true value. Even after data is sorted and analyzed, it is another challenge to determine how best...
Tony Bianco, President, Cloud Computing, Onix

Onix: Empowering Organizations Through Google For Work

Businesses strive to maintain a fine balance between budget and the cost of innovation and collaboration. Companies require a consultancy to successfully evaluate their pain points and provide them with the best...
John Cashman, President & Founder, Digital Firefly

Digital Firefly: Committed to Decrease the Cost of IT and Marketing Resources

With three straight years of profitable financial reports and an impressive clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies, the US government and local business, Digital Firefly Marketing has become a company known for getting things...
Rustin Kretz, CEO, Scorpion

Scorpion: Innovation with a Positive, Solution-focused Attitude

Today’s consumer relies more and more on Internet searches through Google, social media, YouTube, etc. to find pertinent information that impacts their buying decisions. According to a recent comScore study on U.S. cross-platform use,...
Chris Everett, President, Captivate

Captivate: Harvesting Industry Revolutionizing Ideas

From optimizing the customer journey to developing strategic content marketing plans, Captivate Search Marketing believes that Search (SEO/SEM) plays an integral role in every aspect of their clients’ marketing plans. Search data typically reveals...