Aaron McArdle, CEO, Zdi, Inc

Zdi, Inc: Bridging the Gap in the Video Conferencing Infrastructure Arena

Zdi is changing the AV industry through their unique room solutions intended to be sold alongside IT. Zdi delivers faster and easier solutions for...
Scott Etzler, President, West Unified Communications Services

West Unified Communications Services – Unwavering Commitment to Customer Success

Experience, expertise and service – these are the three key areas of differentiation for West Unified Communications Services. As a well-known hosted UCaaS provider,...
Tarken Maner, CEO, Nexenta Systems, Inc

Nexenta Systems, Inc – Enhancing Performance and Productivity

Established almost a decade ago, Nexenta has gone on to become a global leader of Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage, better known as OpenSDS. The...
Joel Dolisy, CIO, SolarWinds

SolarWinds: Understanding the Changing Needs of Your User Community

Since its founding in 1999, SolarWinds has functioned with one primary mission: to provide purpose-built products that are designed to make IT professionals’ jobs...

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