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What is salesforce

What is Salesforce? Steps for Successful Saleforce deployment

What is Salesforce? Acclaimed worldwide and driven by incredible and extensive resources, Salesforce is one of the widely used and well-known sales efficiencies that has helped companies in different...

Microsoft will invest $5 billion in IoT over the next 4 years globally

Microsoft has announced that the company will invest US$5 billion in the Internet of Things (IoT) globally over the next 4 years. This increased investment will support continued research and innovation in IoT and...
Len Landale, VP ERP:Applications, Secure-24, SAP S/4HANA company

SAP S/4HANA: The Next Big Thing

If you have an SAP landscape, you have to wonder about all of the noise surroundingSAP S/4HANA. Well, the latest SAP Business Software based on the in-memory SAP HANA technology is the...
Minal Shah, Senior Director, Competitive and Market Intelligence, SAP Corporate Strategy Group

Back to the Future: Basics Matter

By Minal Shah, Senior Director, Competitive and Market Intelligence, SAP Corporate Strategy Group. Digital transformation is at the fore-front of C-suite priorities. Machine learning, artificial intelligence are no longer just buzz words as investments are focused...
Julien Delvat, Principal Consultant S/4HANA, Bluefin Solutions

Is SAP’s next-generation ERP ready for prime time?

By Julien Delvat, Principal Consultant SAP S4HANA, Bluefin Solutions. All CIOs face the same key decision: when is the right time to invest in enterprise technology? Too early, and the project might suffer from buggy or missing...
Swen Conrad

SAP HANA is the New Crown Jewel in the SAP Landscape Frequently it...

It is hard to imagine the British Crown Jewels not properly protected from disaster or human attack. Every risk these legendary jewels face has been evaluated, and procedures are in place in case of...
Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24

SAP and Big Data: When two BIG worlds collide

By Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24 Big Data continues to be an item that is highly talked about, but minimally implemented, and SAP continues to grow as a leader in the ERP space. What we are...

Revealing the Un-Usual Suspect in Digital Business Integration

By Brent Tisdale, Vice President of OmniChannel Sales,  SEEBURGER Inc. In today’s crowded integration software marketplace, companies seeking a solution can easily find a number of software vendors that are recognizable by name. These vendors, that...
Israel Ellis, CEO, AdvancePro Technologies

The Success Factor – How to Identify and Minimize the Risks of Software Implementations

By Israel Ellis, CEO, AdvancePro Technologies. As the CEO of AdvancePro Technologies, I have worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses to help them take control of their inventory management processes. We offer a...
Mariano Nunez, CEO, Onapsis Inc

Reducing risk in your Organization’s most critical systems

By Mariano Nunez, CEO, Onapsis Inc. Over the last several years, the cybersecurity industry has seen an increased focus on how organization’s approach SAP. With more organizations looking to expand their SAP environments in the...