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IoT Survey

Microsoft survey in the field of IoT industry

A new survey conducted by Microsoft Internet of Things (IoT) shows that as IoT adoption grows faster, the industry faces a "significant" IoT skill gap, as well as complexity and security challenges.

Some of the best IOT Security Practices

Security is a top concern for IoT developers, according to an IoT Survey.
Cloud Computing

How Cloud Computing will save money?

Cloud Computing helps save money by not buying expensive hardware's and installing it on the site, businesses can order data usage or storage services via the cloud and pay temporary access charges.
Project Management

Tips for effective project management

Some of the tips for effective project management are, understanding complete details about the project, identifying project requirements, hiring good project manager, etc.,
Agile Software Development

Ways to save software development expenses

Ways to save software development expenses include software development with the agile approach, developing only required features, etc., read the complete article to know more.