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Gavin LaRowe, CEO

ChalkLabs: Pathfinding and Knowledge Discovery for Large Organizations

The amount of data being produced today is expanding at an astronomical rate. Some experts indicate that there will be a 4300% increase in...
Rohit Verma, CEO & Co-Founder, ClearFunnel, LLC

ClearFunnel, LLC: Removing Risk with Innovative Subscription Model

In the current times, all technology options available to customers for executing their Big Data projects are highly complex in terms of several moving...
Rajiv Gupta, CEO, DataMetica Solutions, Inc

DataMetica Solutions, Inc: Turning Information into Powerful Business Results

The leading trends of Big Data and Advanced Analytics is a moving target today. Now people iterate and drive solutions in a matter of...
Anthony Sardella, CEO, evolve24, LLC

evolve24, LLC: Helping Firms Make Decisions Based on Consumer Behavior

evolve24 helps companies harness big data to make smart market decisions. The firm identifies emotional and behavioral responses to new ideas and trends to...
Ivan Teh, CEO, Fusionex

Fusionex – The GIANT Leap

The advent of superior technologies related to the internet of things (“IoT”) has created a vast space for data in a manner not possible...
Tyron Moser, CEO, Moser Consulting, Inc

Moser Consulting, Inc: Bridging The Gap Between The Information And The Customers

Big Data experts Moser believe that the biggest challenges they face are not associated to any technical shortcomings, rather they are due to the...

Plow: Turning Relationships into Strategic Engagements

Mining quality data with the intent to examine and derive meaningful insights are the common challenges amongst our Big Data customers. Most of our...
Suman Biswas, Owner, NiyamIT, Inc

NiyamIT, Inc : Modernizing Legacy Systems With Innovative Emerging Big Data Technologies

One of the biggest challenges Big Data customers have is to be assured of the Return on Investment (ROI) in implementing Big Data infrastructures...

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