HR plays a critical role in your business as it handles key functions that define the trajectory of your growth. The HR department handles functions like recruitment, payroll, retention, and employee wellness, and much more. In this regard, this is one department that needs proper tools if it is to improve on the functions that will help your business grow. Let us look at some of the top-notch HR tools that will improve your business.

Applicant Tracking Tools

Applicant tracking is an essential part of the hiring process, which helps filter in suitable applicants for the advertised post. Using proper applicant tracking tools will help the organization to screen and manage applicant interviews. Good applicant tracking programs provide a real-time centralized platform to post jobs, screen the applicants, and effectively manage the interview process. Automation is one of the good features of a modern HR tool. A tool that offers automation gives managers a chance to automatic to-dos and incorporate relevant stakeholders assigned varying levels of permission and privacy for applicant screening.

Tip: When you post jobs to various websites, it is also essential that you choose the right keyword to reach out to more potential candidates in the market.

People Management Tools

Recruitment, hiring and employee experience is a crucial function of the HR department. You are bound to make more informed decisions with an HRIS which is essentially a tool that does more than just store employee data. An HRIS will not only increase your team’s efficiency but it will also give them proper analytics for data driven decisions. The good thing is that using a suitable HR software for hiring, recruitment and people management saves you more time, energy and costs.

Onboarding Tools

Employee onboarding is something that every organization should treat with the utmost consideration. It is important to create a smooth transition of new employees into the current organization matrix. This ensures good employee retention because they develop a good impression and the right attitude to work for the company.

Using top onboarding software is a good way to perfect the way you integrate new employees. Such software offers a smooth way to add your onboarding procedures and make sure they are followed and timely finished. Also, look for software that can automate relevant approval processes instead of having new employees’ queue in unfamiliar offices. A good example is when an employee wants to take leave. He/she can fill an online leave form that is automatically forwarded to the HR for approval.

Payroll Management Tools

Payroll Management is a vital part of the HR department. Managing the payroll, compliance, and time tracking, among others clearly shows the need for efficient management systems. If these activities are done manually, no one needs to tell you how cumbersome, time-wasting, and inefficient, these activities become. 

Employee Recognition Tools

Many organizations boast a huge size of employees, especially larger organizations. Nearly all boxes tick when the HR department is handling its activities except for employee recognition. Crafting the right recognition mechanisms can prove daunting, and many organizations tend to shrug their shoulders off employee recognition. However, those companies that understand the value of employee recognition will tell you that employees feel valued and ultimately improve their productivity. There are good employee recognition software that allows employees to give credit to colleagues. For example, the points can be redeemed after a certain period for prizes like lunch treat, trophy, or more days off, among others.

Goals and Target Setting Tools

Setting goals and targets gives a self-drive for employees to improve on their productivity. With proper goals setting tools, employees can set their daily targets. The HR pros can then check these targets against their respective performances and determine those that hit and those that missed the target. This fosters personal development for individual employees and also gives the organization invaluable feedback about its employees.

Gamification Tools

Gamification gives a unique way for employees to get engaged in the workplace, particularly in a remote setup. Most gamification tools come with features like reward & recognition and competitions. Employees can participate and see their points on the scoreboards. A point to note, though, choose a gamification software that suits the nature of your business.

Final remarks

There are a plethora of HR tools that can catapult your business to success. Although we haven’t exhausted them, the few we have highlighted will lay a solid ground for HR functions in your organization. Remember, the HR department is the core part of your business.  So, you have to improve it as you improve other departments as well.

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