Have you ever considered taking your business desktops to the cloud? Virtual desktops allow for the separation of your desktop environment and its associated hardware from local devices. This, instead, stores all your company’s data on a server where your staff can access it easily.

There are many benefits of using virtual desktop solutions, especially in terms of cost savings and increased data security.

Beyond saving time and money, you may need to consider desktop virtualization for other benefits, which we will discuss with you below:

More Security

Images and critical data are kept in a safe environment. Your business will also have more control over confidential data that’s centrally managed to prevent possible data loss.

Desktop virtualization allows you to stay on top of any critical software updates by giving you more control over protecting your network from unauthorized access or virus intrusion. Virtual desktops don’t allow users to copy or save sensitive data to any external disks other than the server, making it harder to steal sensitive data.

1. Dynamic Updating

As your business gets larger and continues to grow, your computer choices will become more diverse. For example, creative professionals may prefer Apple screens, while IT experts look to Windows PCs. Managers will want laptops for increased portability. And today, tablets and smartphones have become invaluable for on-the-go work processes.

Here’s the rub, all these devices will likely be running different app versions and operating systems, which can present a big challenge.

Updating all of these devices with regular maintenance and major upgrades can be time-consuming and very costly. Moreover, the same software may not operate equally well, depending on which browser each device supports, the OS, and the app version.

Virtual desktops provide the solution by centralizing your program’s updating processes and making them more dynamic. This is the perfect strategy to help you Revolutionize your office with NIRIX’s Virtual Desktops. You have more control over upgrades, thereby benefiting everyone in the organization.

2. Better Disaster Recovery

Disaster data recovery has become a critical part of any IT management process. Almost 50% of businesses that experience disaster without a proper recovery plan never recover from it. You lose all your critical data, stagnating your business.

Desktop virtualization is a critical step in helping to prevent your business from becoming a part of this depressing statistic.

With virtualization, you no longer rely on stationary computers that can get lost or can get damaged in disasters. Instead, your data will be stored in a centralized location. All your sensitive data will be safe and backed up regularly to ensure you don’t lose anything critical to your business’s continuity.

3. Significant Cost Savings

Virtual desktops typically come with minimal costs if you already have a server setup. Sure, the initial cost is usually pretty steep. However, virtualization is much more than the initial cost. Think of it as a positive investment with the potential to bring more significant returns.

First, you will rely less on expensive stationary computers with the exact software and licenses for operations. Even maintenance and upgrade costs will be slashed significantly because they are accomplished much more centrally.

4. Increased Productivity

On a more overarching level, desktop virtualization will almost certainly improve your business’s productivity. Operations will become more lean and agile as employee efforts and abilities become more flexible.

Virtual desktops also help you maintain your productivity in the face of disasters. Your data is kept in a secure environment, protecting it from possible data breaches.

This type of improved productivity will eventually reflect on your business’s overall growth and become invaluable over time.

The Bottom Line

The benefits mentioned above are clear. Desktop virtualization is a highly beneficial process for almost every organization. It’s no wonder why many businesses are switching to this new solution, making a move intriguing even for big companies in the business.

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