Zdi, Inc: Bridging the Gap in the Video Conferencing Infrastructure Arena

Zdi is changing the AV industry through their unique room solutions intended to be sold alongside IT. Zdi delivers faster and easier solutions for setting up integrated room solutions through RoomReady.com. The Room Ready solution was developed to complement Cisco’s Project Workplace and to revolutionize the traditional AV procurement process in order to not only help the client, but the IT partners and account managers as well.

Zdi is able to bridge the gap by deploying room solutions with their novel product offerings. Cisco eliminated variables associated with small and medium room solutions through the introduction of the MX series, but there are many rooms that still require integration. Zdi has developed a range of patented products and scalable processes to address the needs of implementing integrated solutions for all room types that can be purchased and deployed via distribution.

The Room Ready solution from Zdi offers IT partners an additional core offering to add to their portfolio. Zdi has created a process that simplifies and shortens the sales cycle while reducing the risk of extended timelines and room outages. They have shifted the focus from the traditional cumbersome AV model that struggled in process and scalability to meet the demands of how the IT industry operates and to what end-users expect.

Zdi’s core strength lies in its pool of highly talented and dedicated team members who are recognized as industry experts. With the support of this dedicated team, Zdi is able to successfully deliver projects and delight the IT Partner and end-user with an experience that exceeds expectations. As an innovation-driven company, Zdi always focuses on the experience and the results.

Zdi is looking forward to taking the Room Ready solution to a global level within the next three years. Meanwhile, they will continue to work on innovative offerings that compliment Cisco’s offerings. Banking on the committed team and results-driven focus, Zdi is able to push the boundaries when it comes to providing innovative services to their clients. Zdi challenges the mainstream ideas and takes the extra step to set them apart in the industry from their competitors.

Zdi is highly capable and successful in adapting to the changing and demanding market landscape. This is made possible by adopting better processes to improve and provide the best service to their customer. As a growing organization that relies on their committed staff, Zdi ensures that all the team members have a clear mission and share a common goal of excellence.

2015 has witnessed tremendous advancement in how video is being adopted by businesses across the world. Cisco has changed their video product line to adapt to how organizations consume video. Zdi’s partnership with Cisco has allowed them to further expand their horizons and push the boundaries of the AV industry while complimenting the growth of the IT industry.


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