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One of the primary things that shows what a company is, is their customer policy. At WennSoft, the abundance of thought shown in this area earns a slow clap. For instance, they do not just build relationships with the customers, like all companies do. They help customers build relationships with each other through opportunities like Synergy, an annual user conference; customer forums, advisory boards, and more. They make a platform for the customers to interact with each other, so that they can help each other learn how to optimize use of their solution and even share best practices unrelated to the solution. Such belief in long-term relationship building and customer prioritization has earned them quite a popularity with users.

These customers, incidentally, come from various walks of life – Mechanical Contractors, Commercial and Heavy Construction, Equipment Rental & Leasing, Engineering Services, Oil and Gas Exploration, Production & Service, Power Generation, Construction, Mining Machinery & Equipment, Power Line & Telecommunications Infrastructure Construction Contractors. WennSoft helps them understand products and their best combinations, individual licensing, etc.

WennSoft serves as both a value-added reseller (VAR) and an independent software provider (ISV), and writes solutions that use Microsoft technology.According to them, two of the most exciting products from Microsoft right now are Dynamics CRM and SharePoint. Dynamics CRM, the highly integrated product that works for every sales cycle, is the next must-have for middle-market organizations. SharePoint is robust and is dynamic in its uses – it can be a document repository, or can be used to share and collaborate on projects internally or externally, and can be made to best fit a model through minimal design specifications.

What makes most companies choose to work with WennSoft is that they make highly industry-specific software solutions based on the forward-looking Microsoft technology stack. They make end-to-end solutions so that customers get everything from the same platform, and constantly keep adding to their mix of products. WennSoft makes the best deals within budgets, another appreciated trait. WennSoft works because they are not generalists – they have a deep understanding of the industry of the client, and build very customer-specific solutions. Because what good is the best technology if the customers do not need it?

WennSoft’s Evolution field service solution ties the sales and services processes together so there is one platform where all areas of a company can view every detail pertaining to the customer. The mobile solutions enable organizations to interact with the crew in the field, allowing technicians to send and receive customer specific information and do things like capture customer signatures and send it to the office immediately. Such agility speeds up transactions and allows account information to be quickly updated. Also, all WennSoft solutions have the added advantage of being highly integrated, so that the same data needn’t be added multiple times – once in the system, the data is available wherever necessary. If a customer keeps up on Microsoft updates, they would find themselves using the best technology.

WennSoft has shown growth in double digits over the last several years, and predicts this trend will continue. It is a good time to be the best in the industry – what with people realizing in fluctuating economic situations that the service industry is one arena that remains stable.


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