Virtual Hold Technology LLC: Supporting Both Native and Hybrid Cisco Environments

Virtual Hold Technology positions themselves as one of the key players among top companies that cater to the technology needs of customer support requirements of businesses worldwide. VHT helps businesses enhance their customer support process with highly scalable solutions that provide innovative solutions for optimizing customer interaction. VHT’s patented Callback solution enables businesses to help its customers connect with live support without having to waiting on hold.

Eliminating wait times and enabling the contact center agent to be informed about the customer’s issue before placing a callback is very effective and results in great feedback from customers. This in turn contributes to “effortless customer experience,” the mission of many global enterprises, which VHT delivers with VHT Callback and complementary solutions that make up the VHT Solution Suite.

The complete solution suite consists of the following core offerings:

VHT Callback™ calculates and quotes the expected wait time and gives callers the option to receive a callback when it’s their turn, or to schedule a callback at a more convenient time.

VHT Notification Suite™ delivers a near real-time feed of events of the status of VHT Callbacks. CRM systems are updated, custom calling lists are built, and timely notifications are sent to callers via email or SMS.

VHT Agent Assist™ provides agents engaged with callers who require a transfer the ability to check wait times in available queues and offer scheduled callbacks convenient for customers.

VHT Conversation Bridge™ provides customers the ability to request a callback seamlessly through non-voice channels such as web or mobile.

VHT Navigator™ is customer outcome management software that captures and analyzes historical and real-time customer-specific data, navigating real-time decisions and effortless customer interaction towards desired outcomes.

The core reason for businesses opting for solutions offered by VHT is its ability to integrate to their existing communication environments. VHT solutions are able to support both native and hybrid Cisco environments across all Cisco ICM/UCCE/UCCX versions and continues to innovate delivering new features inside the already well established support channels. VHT is uniquely positioned to support customers in the transition process by supporting multiple Cisco environments within a single VHT instance. VHT has proven experience and scalability in supporting the smallest UCCX environment to the largest global UCCE deployments.

VHT targets the high growth segments to scale its business. VHT continues to win many large Cisco UCCE customers, as they seek to optimize their ability to delight their customers.

VHT and Cisco are jointly deployed in some of the world’s largest contact centers successfully managing call backs in all channels with technology solutions targeted at enhancing the customer experience while leveraging all the value that Cisco brings in the customer infrastructure. With twenty years of experience, VHT uses its knowledge to help customers and companies enjoy a positive interaction and reinforce their relationships. VHT work towards its mission of reducing customer effort, frustration and time by connecting phone, web and mobile customers to live assistance when they need it without making them waiting on hold and enabling centers to operate more efficiently matching call volume with available resources.


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