Vertex Inc: Delivering Multiple Deployment Options for SAP Customers

Vertex has played a key role in helping SAP customers and tax departments simplify and automate the complexity of calculating, collecting and reporting on sales, consumer use, and retail taxes, as well as VAT, GST, and other indirect tax types. According to them, some of the common challenges the tax departments of SAP customers face include following and processing rate and rule changes, determining taxability of products and services, aligning calculation requirements with business processes, and maintaining customer exemption certificates among several others.

The organization’s 20+ years’ partnership with SAP has helped it overcome problems faced due to gaps in ERP functionality for the tax life cycle, heavy reliance on IT support teams (who are not tax integration experts) for help, and compliance – filing accurate returns with the correct tax authorities and appropriate jurisdictions on time (monthly, quarterly and annually).

Some of the key services provided by Vertex include shared support incident reporting and resolution, certified tax integration, robust contents and updates for clients that enable greater automation and accuracy, capability to automate the tax compliance process for customers and multiple deployment options. The solutions provided are characterized by a reduced customer cost primarily through automation by eliminating the manual dependency of maintaining tax rates and rules on a global scale. Accurate tax calculations on all sales and purchase orders are provided, thereby reducing tax audit exposure. There is very less dependency on IT, which leads to greater visibility, control and efficiency of the tax department, putting decision making into the hands of the tax leads. The company also provides detailed historical information to support audit and compliance requirements raised by their clientele.

With hundreds of successful customer implementations, Vertex has an experienced field-consulting team and alliance partners that carry an average of 10+ years of SAP/tax consulting experience. As a solution developer with an experienced implementation services capability, Vertex can respond quickly to customer needs and requirements and is capable of handling simultaneous implementations with SAP customers at any given time. The organization takes ownership of each project and exceeds customer expectations, which has contributed majorly to its success. The teams pride themselves on delivering solutions and customer value on time and under budget – and done right the first time.

Considering their vision for the coming years, Vertex foresees a very positive growth trajectory. The organization hopes to gain a strong foothold around Tax Performance Management through the development of innovative solutions. For all of this to happen, the team at Vertex realises that flexibility to adjust to customer market needs, achieving internal alignment on strategy, and getting close to customer to understand where they want to be and how they will get there are very vital. At the same time, they also undertake the creation of ecosystems of partners around their solutions, thereby adding value to their offering and services.

As for 2015, Vertex and their customers hope that the company can carry forward their continuous innovation strategy like in HANA and S/4HANA. They are working on a real opportunity to impact business processes in a positive way, that is, to create an impact on how quick they can take new products to market. And lastly, the company expects to further sharpen their ability to respond quickly to customer needs or changing market requirements.


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