TurnKey: Innovation and Expertise Drive Better Business Value

There is no question that being able to capture, document and effectively manage change across critical business processes will reduce operational expenses and mitigate business risk. But without the right automation solution, achieving that can be much easier said than done. In fact, given the resource constraints and the limitations of most existing tools, many business-critical applications actually go minimally tested until they are in action and the success of the business depends on it.

Oracle EBS environments typically represent some of the most vital and vulnerable aspects of a business, including functions like finance, supply chain and HR. And while applications like Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft and Siebel are clearly business critical, they are also typically highly customized and extremely change-centric. The challenge for the business is that each time that one of these applications is changed, it must be fully validated to ensure full functionality. If this isn’t done, the results can be catastrophic.

This means more than just testing the primary application itself, as it is common for several applications and technologies to be integrated into a full solution. The real challenge, then, is the requirement for end-to-end, cross-platform business process validation. Unfortunately, the tools that most companies use simply don’t support the depth and breadth of coverage required to truly ensure business continuity.

TurnKey Solutions gives businesses the visibility and control they need to effectively maintain pace with application change without the risk associated with sacrificing quality. TurnKey empowers customers to validate end-to-end business processes, working equally well across both Oracle and non-Oracle applications and systems.

Innovation coupled with expertise is the foundation of TurnKey’s success in the Oracle application marketplace. With over 15 years of experience in Oracle testing and business process validation, TurnKey brings unparalleled value to Oracle application users. It has been delivering solutions to the Oracle market place in virtually every industry sector across EBS, Siebel, PeopleSoft and Fusion. TurnKey understands the unique requirements of nearly any application, delivering solutions capable of addressing challenges only seen in the world’s most complex environments.

TurnKey solutions help customers cost-effectively ensure higher quality with much less effort. Whether a change is as substantial as an upgrade or simply involves rolling out patches, support packs or adding/changing application functionality, TurnKey provides the right solution. Their unique technology includes pre-built Oracle test assets as well as products that enable quick, effective support for customizations. These enable greater frequency, breadth and depth of testing—without any unnecessary overhead or complexity.

And, because many critical business processes include a range of third party or bespoke applications, TurnKey enables validation of business processes across heterogeneous technologies. Its cFactory™ Scriptless Testing software enables companies to validate broader application and business process functionality, ensuring comprehensive, end-to-end application quality.

Finally, TurnKey helps support audit and compliance by documenting each individual business process while also capturing all of the relevant information about the testing process itself. This includes security access, user information, date/time stamping of the process and detailed results of the actual tests run.

With TurnKey’s products and services, customers can leverage the most innovative and capable technology available on the market to better manage change and boost application quality and delivery. Customers have greater visibility and increased control over their application management process, resulting in improved quality, reduced costs and increased agility across their business.

Turnkey’s solutions offer more than just simple and cost effective test automation—they have a direct impact on the mitigation of business risk while increasing business agility and responsiveness in answer to the needs of both users and the global market.


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