TTG International: Taking Performance Management To The Next Level

Having a real turn-key solution and running the system without difficulties (adoption, maintenance, support etc.). Customers always prefer/desire to get their support services from a single vendor rather than communicating with several resources. These are the common challenges faced by Oracle customers face, according to Mehmet Beyaz, CTO, TTG International

TTG’s NORTH-I Performance Management solutions have set the standard for multi-vendor, multi technology performance management. NORTH-I manages GSM, CDMA, GPRS, UMTS, LTE POTS, SDH/SONET, SS7/ Sigtran, IN, ATM, Frame Relay, IP and other technologies today.

NORTH-I takes performance management to the next level with its flexibility to collect and interpret terabytes of data from an approximately unlimited range of sources in near real-time. Thus increasing the performance of the network, people and the business with its extremely customizable architecture, robust, easy-to-use Web-based administration and reporting tools, dashboard, report portal, industry-standard database and open interfaces including SQL, ODBC, XML and CORBA, SNMP NORTH-I Performance Manager release the power of the data.

Managing a wireless network has always been a balancing act: operating at maximum efficiency while maintaining competitive quality of service (QoS); deploying capacity where and when needed as traffic increases and making the most of the frequency spectrum whilst avoiding interference. NORTH-I is the solution of selection for communications providers across the world, enabling them to maximize QoS through optimum network performance.

TTG’s customers are enjoying the benefits of the seamless fusion between NORTH-I’s state-of-art performance management and EXADATA’s extreme big-data processing capabilities.TTG International is an Oracle Exadata Certified Company.

TTG’s technologies have brought benefits to many clients. One of the largest Telco operators in Turkey and North Cyprus have been using NORTH-I Network performance management for all network (Core, 2G,3G,IMS,transmission, etc…) since 2008. NORTH-I currently measures the performance of the more than 100k network elements around the clock via many KPIs, processing terabytes of data daily. NORTH-I allows continual improvement in operators’ services to subscribers and their overall effectiveness paving the way for further profitable growth

Additionally, three Telco operators in Azerbaijan have been using NORTH-I Network performance management for all networks (Core, 2G, 3G, LTE, IMS, Transmission and VAS) since 2013.

TTG has been dedicated to developing solutions with Oracle since its first day. They have several Oracle certifications and awards in addition their decade-long experience on Oracle products. They have successfully implemented seamless and durable Oracle based solutions in many different environments for lots of customers.

The team at TTG is pretty optimistic for 2015 and the next few years, as companies continue to slowly grow and invest in systems that will help Telco operators around the world to improve revenue and efficiency. Also, they have recently started a new division in the company for the energy sector and have launched a Smart Grid tool.

A healthy company is one that is profitable/sustainable and constantly up-to-date over time. Balancing the growth and profitability is one of the key aspects for achieving this, observes Beyaz

A company’s life cycle and growth is based on understanding the market needs, making the right decisions and having an action plan. Beyaz believe that companies should work hard to make a difference in their respective fields while staying fresh. “Continuous development of products and services plays a crucial role in identified as the best and the most reliable provider in a domain,” says Beyaz

TTG would like to provide their customers with innovative products in order to enhance their infrastructure as well as reduce their costs. In order to do that they are following Oracle Cloud strategy closely and new technologies like In-Memory Database and multi-tenancy.


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