TrustSphere: Relationship Analytics for Salesforce

Putting the ‘R’ into CRM is a popular tool for managing customer relationships; TrustSphere’s clients recognize the value that brings to their business. As a result, when they hear about how Relationship Analytics could improve their CRM platform, clients are intrigued. Here are the results from one such client.

The Situation
Eagle Technology is a leading New Zealand based Systems Integrator. They are an avid client and have integrated it at the center of their client management processes. When TrustSphere approached Eagle, they were hesitant that TrustSphere’s solutions could improve their deployment.

“I didn’t really see the value of [TrustSphere’s] product when I implemented it” – Jithen Singh, Enterprise Account Manager, Eagle Technology.

The Challenge
TrustSphere challenged Eagle that their data was incomplete and asked them to undergo a “health check” to identify the gaps in their data and the impact this was having on the effectiveness of their deployment.

The “blind spot” issue with CRMs
Research shows that less than 10% of customer interactions are entered into the CRM. These gaps in the customer data cause a “blind spot”. Sales and business development teams do not enter all their interactions into the CRM – preferring to work in email, voice and instant messaging systems. This leaves a major gap in what would otherwise be a nearly complete system. With missing contacts and interactions, sales managers have an incomplete view of customer activity. This “blind spot” causes customer disruption when account managers leave and contributes significantly to customer defection.

TrustSphere’s Approach
TrustSphere implemented a solution that automatically ingested and processed the meta-data of communication logs and pushed the relevant analytics into Neither communication content, nor subject lines were analyzed. The intent was to simply make sense of all interactions and surface unique insights in

“My opinion of TrustSphere really changed once I started using it…TrustSphere is giving us the ability to understand the relationships with our customers, and it’s solutions have really made a difference to me working in the sales team” – Jithen Singh, Enterprise Account Manager, Eagle Technology.

Benefits with TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics
Improving Sales Handovers:A typical sales organization loses 15 – 20% of its team every year. Staff turnover causes discontinuation of accounts, which can erode the existing customer base. TrustSphere’s handover report allows sales managers to transition outgoing sales representatives’ accounts, thus ensuring less disruption to customers.

“Previously it would take a new seller three months to be effective. Using this report makes new sellers productive in less than a month” Matt Lythe, National Sales Director, Eagle Technology.

TrustSphere deliver their solutions through leading technology and business partners including, IBM, and SugarCRM.

Driving Sales Success

Studies show that one of the largest causes of customer defection is being neglected by the vendor. TrustSphere provides clear visibility of the activity status of accounts, helping sales teams identify if an account is going cold before it’s too late. Crystal, another TrustSphere customer, used the solution to increase client retention by 30%.

Improving the CRM Database and Adoption
Eagle Technology experienced a 70% increase in their contact database. Having a full set of contacts, without any manual data entry required from the sales team really helped in getting that 360-degree view of the customer. At the same time, became a system that was no more a manual system of record, but a system of insight that helped the sales team win and close deals. This resulted in increased adoption and greater sales success.

About TrustSphere
TrustSphere (, a widely recognized pioneer of Relationship Analytics, helps organizations leverage their most valuable asset – the Collective Relationship Network. Their proprietary Relationship Analytics platform surfaces insights that help their clients across the globe improve key business issues including Salesforce effectiveness, enterprise-wide collaboration, and corporate governance. They deliver their solutions through leading technology and business partners including, IBM, and SugarCRM.

TrustSphere’s team is led by Manish Goel, Co-Founder & CEO. Under Manish’s stewardship, the company has achieved exponential growth including successfully partnering with many of the world’s leading technology platforms.


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