Titan SEO: Mitigating Risk and Providing Significant Lift

The launch of the TitanBOT, a patented search engine spider, has been a game changer for Titan SEO. This technology has allowed the accommodation of a highly technical SEO strategy that is capable of mitigating risk and providing a significant lift. This is an added advantage since traditional SEO’s can be risky and do not always achieve significant lift in rankings, traffic, exposure or revenue.

Titan SEO is currently not focussed on a particular region for their business, rather, their services including both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well Pay Per Click (PPC) management are available on a global scale, in multiple languages. Through TitanBOT, Titan SEO’s analysts are empowered with the capability to predict how search engines will likely react to updates, which in turn helps them determine what types of changes will likely result in first page rankings. The primary objectives that Titan aims at achieving while rendering their SEO services include a focus on increasing rankings, additional traffic to the client’s website, and an increase in revenue. In the long run this generally translates to a lift in brand awareness, share of voice, and market share.

Titan SEO has been receiving immense support from Google, in addition to being named a Google All-Star Agency.

With the Pay Per Click program, Titan SEO has been receiving immense support from Google, in addition to being named a Google All-Star Agency. Titan has been successful in bringing about a higher ROI and significant increases in revenue for clients, thanks to their highly technical PPC strategies coupled with strong technology. Titan owes all of its success to the organization’s culture of continuous improvement. The team is incentivized based on how well the client has performed, hence there is always the extra effort put in to do better, no matter how well the current scenario is. In order to adapt to the changes brought about in search engines, the team rolls out new and improved versions of the TitanBOT technology regularly.

With over 12 years under his belt as the President of Titan SEO, Danny Shepherd aims to take Titan SEO’s services to the next level by helping clients excel in their respective markets. Titan SEO (www.titan-seo.com) was voted one of the top 5 businesses to work for in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal in 2014, 2015, and 2016. The company expects to maintain its healthy streak of innovation over the coming years, which will help them continue to meet their goals.


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