Swift Pace Solutions Inc,: Going an Extra Mile For Customer Satisfaction

Today IT enterprise infrastructure revolves around consolidation, time saving ways to manage existing applications and adding more application, which helps companies to simultaneously create differentiation and increase IT delivery capabilities, observes Lavinia Noble Surjove, Founder and CEO, Swift Pace Solutions Inc.

The organization’s decision to achieve Oracle Partnership helped them to demonstrate to their clients their elevated level of commitment towards continual growth and improvement in the organization’s services and depth of their specialization in Oracle based solutions.

At Swift Pace it has always been to do more than what they are contracted to do with their clients. Swift Pace wants to go an extra mile and get all their clients’ needs taken care of and with Oracle introducing a range of products has helped their clients to get the new and innovative ways they were looking for to help them maintain a competitive edge in a highly competitive market.

Swift Pace have had clients with Business that started small and grew substantially in a short period of time causing technical debt with Duplicative, fragmented application systems throughout the front and back office environment, they studied their systems, retired some systems and replaced some with Oracle products to achieve sustainable results.

Swift Pace have around 1500 consultants that work towards helping clients overcome the defaults that occur while using Oracle solution. Every client’s case is approached in a different way. They study what issues the clients are facing and then match those issues with appropriate solutions provided by Oracle like security, collaboration and performance technological tools provided by Oracle web center, Oracle based CRM application and Oracle Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. After identifying the appropriate solution we then help our clients in migration, integration and provide support in case a technical issue arises.

One of Swift Pace’s clients had a transparent Data Encryption (TDE) issue and they with oracle support were able to fix that issue.

The expert team at Swift Pace tailors their services to meet the IT needs of the mid-market group, which is their niche. Swift Pace want their partners to have the commitment and passion to serve the mid-market like they do without thinking about enormous profitability but emphasizing more on ensuring that they are serving their customers what they have contracted with them to do.

Swift Pace uses mutual benefit method where they provide their partner with brand recognition, new opportunities on which they can embark the future of their company, diversify existing services and increase overall brand equity in lieu of their trust in us.

Our company outlook over the next few years is to revolutionize IT services by finding ways to provide IT services with increased quality, keep it as cost effective as possible and to provide end to end solutions to almost all possible emerging IT needs of businesses,” says Lavinia.

Lavinia wants to foster a sense of innovation in the company hence she want to focus on providing an organizational culture where employees have access to sharing ideas, articulate clear goals and vision, employee rewards program, support in learning new skills, etc.

According to Lavinia, Oracle payroll product is the current in high demand of their clients.Another product that the oracle customers are excited about is Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c. Lavinia strongly believes that the current Oracle Service Cloud for Customer Service and Analytics will soon be the next big thing under the Oracle platform.


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