Stread IT: Enabling Business Solutions and Services to Small and Mid-sized Enterprises

As an end to end IT company alongside being a SAP partner, STREAD IT has been able to leverage her experience and knowledge from various software technology deployments to its SAP implementations, thereby meeting and exceeding client’s requirements at the best price. The company boasts of industry specific experience, while also having a team of experienced & certified functional and technical consultants with requisite end to end product knowledge.

STREAD IT identifies the cost of the software itself as one of the most primitive problems that SAP customers are facing today. SAP acquisition and deployment costs come at a premium price, also taking into consideration its recurring maintenance costs and internal support costs.

STREAD IT was created with the sole aim of helping organizations have a competitive advantage and grow profitably by providing quality technology-enabled business solutions and services to small and mid-sized enterprises. The company has successfully established strategic alliances and partnerships with major Information Technology companies all over the world in delivering seamless solutions tailored to varying business needs. HR/Payroll solutions seamlessly integrated with SAP B1 and E-commerce integration with SAP B1 are some of the solutions that STREAD IT has developed to help enterprises turn around their businesses. The organization takes prides in the fact that almost all of the solutions that they develop are based on customer specific requirements.

As an SAP partner, STREAD IT focuses on the delivery, implementation and optimization of SAP solutions, offering a wide range of consultancy services, including strategic advice, implementation and development, support, optimization and training. The company sets itself apart from its competition through quality business management skills, extensive experience in industry specific solutions tailored for the SME market space, interesting pre-sales presentations, absolutely affordable implementation costs and the demonstration of unique project management methodology. STREAD IT has indeed become a household name in the various sectors like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Institutions, Oil and Gas, and Education. In addition to that, the company has also developed strategic partnerships with various world class software service providers including Microsoft, SAP, CitiXsys, VMware, Citrix and Dell.

In order to guarantee consistent quality in all their roll outs, the organization maintains an internal quality management team. The QM team performs external and objective reviews of client engagements to verify that each client engagement is progressing based on client expectations with expected results realized. As businesses continue to invest in systems that will help them improve revenue and efficiency, STREAD IT strives& is committed to continuously improve her people and their expertise in technology solutions and consulting services. This is aimed at further helping their clients, especially those in the SME market space achieve higher business performance levels, enabling them to unleash the potential of their technology investments and guaranteeing measurable value as they grow their business in existing and new markets.

STREAD IT points out that HANA, which is a single database for both transactions and analytics, is one of their main products that they are excited about, and customers are looking forward to. With HANA’s in-memory technology, SMEs can learn how to improve their business offerings and understand their market better, something that is usually reserved to the big players. Another product that the company is keen to unveil is the SAP B1 Cloud, a subscription-based licensing software, service and support.


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