Solver: Valuable and Long Term Visionary Partner

Business intelligence helps an organization to identify their most lucrative customers, difficult spots within the organization, or its return on investment for certain products. Though the business intelligence system is complex and bit time consuming, if implemented and used correctly it brings significant benefits to the firm. Some of the most common challenges Microsoft faces include inaccessible data, relying on outdated legacy applications that are not user friendly, and time-consuming BI processes. Headquartered in California, U.S.A, Solver is led by Nils Rasmussen.

Through Solver’s BI360, the company extends and optimizes performance management software by simplifying powerful functionality for business end-users and accelerating implementation for IT teams. They also bring a proven approach to solutions delivery that ensures successful implementation, end-user adoption and rapid return on investment.

The solutions offered by the firm have enabled many enterprises to transform, enhance and optimize their business processes.

Solver’s financial reporting tool allowed one non-profit organization to streamline their data analytics while going through a business model change. The budgeting solution offered by Solver expedited and modernized forecasting, modelling, and other planning processes for a financial services company. Their dashboards module has empowered finance teams to present data in digestible, decision-driving ways for executive teams. The BI360 Data Warehouse has enabled multiple companies to store diverse types of data, consolidate information, and perform adjustments for improved analysis.

The Solver Team is comprised of BI experts, financial professionals, and technology developers that understand the timeliness of today’s business demands. Solver prides itself on listening to the customer and innovating to meet modern business needs of today’s growing companies. “Our customers see us not as a simple ‘technology vendor’ or ‘one time project manager’ but instead as a valuable and long term ‘visionary partner’ in managing and improving business performance across their organization today, tomorrow and in the future,” said a vibrant Rasmussen. In addition to that the company has a large global partner network that offers B1360 to markets around the world.

Over the next few years, Solver plans on continuing its global expansion, while releasing innovative, game-changing products for the BI industry.

Talking about the factors that constitute a healthy, vibrant solutions company, Rasmussen said, “A healthy, vibrant solutions company is fast-paced and strategically balanced in its approach to develop new products while educating a growing number of customers. In addition to that Solver’s fast growing, global presence. The success of B1360 is a direct result of their expertise, commitment, and performance.

We are most excited about the Microsoft Dynamics product releases and upgrades that will improve data management and analysis for users,” concludes Rasmussen.


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