Simeio Solutions Inc: Unique Strategic Partner Offering a Comprehensive Suite Of Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) Resources

Simeio Solutions is a unique strategic partner offering a comprehensive suite of enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) resources designed to provide a fully integrated solution that meets the specific needs of each client. The company’s single-source approach to IAM encompasses expert managed services (both on-premise and remotely managed), business-ready IAM cloud, and professional services that ensure on-target, smooth and cost-effective system design and implementation.

It is in the area focused on Identity Management and Security where Simeio works closely with Oracle, providing services for this market segment. Cyber Breaches, access certification requirements, and security for a mobile workforce are but a few of the many issues that Oracle customers are seeing these days.

As an Oracle Gold and Specialized Partner with arguably the largest number of Identity Management subject matter experts on staff, Simeio is uniquely equipped to help clients with their Oracle technologies.

From planning, to building, and then ultimately operating the Oracle Identity Management technologies, Simeio is able to draw from its years of experience in this space to help clients receive business value from their Identity Management investment. Simeio also provides Oracle customers with the ability to run the entire Oracle solution in the Cloud as an Identity as a Service offering. The complete solution is then fully monitored through the Simeio Identity Intelligence Center, with its newest location in Atlanta just having come online in 2015. Simeio has benefitted many of its clients with its solutions for example:

It helped a Fortune 50 Global Investment Services Company meet regulatory compliance mandates by deploying a repeatable certification process for some of their most critical Applications.

Simeio provides Identity as a Service to a leading Defense Contractor to enable automated user account provisioning, access certification, and single sign-on.

Simeio provides Expert Managed Services of the Oracle Identity Management technology to a non-profit healthcare system – allowing them to manage the lifecycle of their disparate user population (employees, contractors, physicians, nurses, etc.) and ultimately to provide for quicker and more secure access to patient information.

Simeio Solutions has Oracle Certified Specialists in Identity Management, with the largest number of subject matter experts in this Space. It offers flexible Deployment Options – Professional Services, Expert Managed Services, and Identity as a Service as well as having a long history and strong connections with Oracle Product Management and Development. As breaches become more pervasive, end-users demand more self-service control, and security resources become more in-demand (scarce), Simeio is uniquely positioned to help its customers.

Simeio hires and retains full time employees that are subject matter experts and are passionate about what they do, measuring success based on the success of its clients. Investing in its employees and partnering with market leading technology vendors has led the company to grow to new heights.

In the year ahead, Simeio sees need from Oracle customers for Mobile Security Services – securely protecting access to company owned applications and data on personal devices, without negatively influencing end-user experience. There is also heightened demand for Privileged Account Management to protect access to some of the most important applications and devices within the enterprise. Simeio will continue its focus to offer managed services for Oracle IdM technologies, and to offer Oracle Identity as a Service.


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