Seismic: Connecting Marketing and Sales to B2B Prospects

Seismic is a cutting-edge sales enablement platform that helps companies increase marketing efficiency and sales effectiveness. The Seismic platform connects marketing and sales to ensure B2B prospects and customers receive a personalized experience from the first time they engage until the end of the sales cycle.This leading sales enablement solution allows teams to deliver the right content at the right time on any device. Headquartered in San Diego, California, the Seismic team is led by CEO and Co-founder Doug Winter. Winter previously co-founded Objectiva Software Solutions, which was acquired by EMC Document Sciences in 2004.

There is a wide variety of services offered by Seismic that enables different departments to operate more cohesively, effectively and efficiently.Seismic allows marketing teams to:Create, maintain and distribute marketing content in half the time with the same work force Gain real-time analytics that explain how marketing content is used by sales, allowing marketing to see what is working and what might not be.

Take advantage of all of the customer data within the enterprise – CRM, Content Management, ERP, Excel, and more–to ensure that marketing materials are personalized and automatically up-to-date for every customer interaction Seismic enables sales teams to deliver personalized collateral at the right time during each stage of the sales cycle quickly and simply, which shortens the sales cycle and increases win rates.Seismic provides real-time analytics that tell when and how materials are used, which gives repsa powerful edge over competition throughout the sales cycle. Accessibility is another added advantage: Seismic is available on any device – browser, Salesforce/Salesforce1, iPad, Windows 8 tablet – with no training required.

The key differentiator of Seismic’s sales enablement solution is its LiveDocs feature, which allows sales content used in the field to be automatically generated and updated using a simple click-and-choose interface. Sales materials that can be easily created for the ideal one-on-one selling interaction is a powerful competitive advantage for Seismicusers, increasing win rates and shortening sales cycles.

Case Study
An illustrative example of how customers benefit from Seismic is a leading music streaming service who sells ad space as its main revenue generator. This company’s sales and marketing teams use Seismic to create and deliver customized sales collateral to local radio advertising prospects.

Prior to Seismic, this company’s marketing team spent 40 hours per month creating 75 customized presentations to be used by sales reps in major metro markets. The presentations are data intensive, and required extensive updating each month, an unsustainable process as the sales team planned to expand greatly.

With Seismic, the sales presentations automatically update when new monthly performance data is updated, increasing marketing efficiency by 77% and output by 50%. Sales reps have access to the customized sales presentations for their geographic area at the tap of a finger. Because collateral can be accessed through Salesforce, via the Seismic app on their tablet, or on their PC/mobile browser, reps are able to spend more time selling and delivering perfectly tailored messages to increase deal wins.


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