Scorpion Marketing: Innovation with a Positive, Solution-focused Attitude

Today’s consumer relies more and more on Internet searches through Google, social media, YouTube, etc. to find pertinent information that impacts their buying decisions. According to a recent comScore study on U.S. cross-platform use, digital media consumption has almost tripled since 2010, and a 2015 U.S. Economic Impact report by Google states that 97% of Internet users go online to find local products and services. As modern companies awaken to the importance of having an Internet marketing strategy in place that reaches their desired customer online, the online landscape has in turn become increasingly competitive.

So how do you stand out in a crowded space? Scorpion, an online marketing company, has been answering that question for businesses. Their strategy doesn’t just involve reaching customers, but helping businesses be the best solution when customers land on their webpages. Scorpion achieves this through modern and attractive websites, content marketing, and paid search advertising. But how is Scorpion differentiating themselves from what is becoming a growing sector of Internet marketing agencies? A lot of it happens behind the scenes.

Scorpion marketing ( opened its doors in 2001 as a website design company, building sites while utilizing their proprietary content management system. They understood that businesses that wanted to grow and be found by clients in the future would need a strong online presence. Paper, billboard, print – that advertising would soon be a thing of the past. As the company grew its client base from law firms to also include local businesses, franchises, and healthcare organizations, they partnered responsive website design and development with search engine optimization (SEO), targeted search engine advertising, online reputation management, content marketing, and social media marketing. In many respects, Scorpion has kept one step ahead of the internet marketing game, predicting and assimilating to the fluctuating trends of online marketing and advertising. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Scorpion has managed to maintain a year-over-year customer retention rate of over 90%.

Scorpion marketing continues to rank on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. They are one of only 33 businesses in the country to be recognized as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, which has opened up access to valuable resources and support from Google. Their accolades include WebAwards, MobileWebAwards, AVA Digital Awards, W3 Awards, Internet Advertising Competition Awards, and more.

This year, Scorpion was named the 2016 Google Platform Innovator of the Year for their proprietary platform that helps customers develop the most successful paid search campaigns. How successful? Houston-based personal injury law firm Arnold & Itkin LLP website sessions per month shot up by nearly 15 times and its monthly website-driven leads increased by 2,400%, and all just four years after Scorpion started providing its digital marketing services for the firm. Arnold & Itkin nearly doubled its staff to keep up with the traffic Scorpion’s Internet marketing campaigns brings in.

To top it off, in an economy that has seen business loyalty shrink year over year, Scorpion has managed to maintain a year-over-year customer retention rate of over 90%. If you’re wondering what their key to client retention and success rate is (and we can’t believe they revealed it to us): It’s their employee culture. The greatest objective of the company’s culture is to encourage teamwork, innovation and improvement with a positive, solution-focused attitude. That attitude isn’t missed by clients. It’s what makes them one of most highly regarded Internet marketing firms.

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