Rubicon Red: Guiding Organizations To Their Required Destinations

Organizations are in a digital race, where the speed at which IT can reliably deliver new features and innovations is what sets them apart from their competitors. But IT projects are failing in most organizations in different ways. Research shows that a typical software project will often waste 40 percent or more of their resources. It also highlights organizations embracing delivery strategies such as Continuous Delivery or DevOps are able to significantly reduce this waste, and on average are 5-7x times more productive than their peers.

Rubicon Red has developed 2 solutions to support a DevOps approach for Oracle Fusion Middleware customers.

Rubicon Red MyST: It is an on-premise product that contains a range of knowledge modules for provisioning and deploying Oracle Fusion Middleware components. It enables you to quickly establish a standardized, repeatable and automated process for the deployment of Oracle Middleware solutions. MyST reduces risk, decreases costs and speeds up time to market in the delivery of Oracle Middleware solutions.

FusionCloud: This helps in the provisioning and support of an Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform on the Cloud. It also provides cloud independence.

Using a specific customer example we can work through the benefits we have achieved in enhancing and optimizing customer’s business processes,” says John Deeb, CEO and Co-Founder.

Originally, this customer gave minimal thought to the design of the WebLogic / SOA Platform. As the use of BPM/SOA has expanded across multiple lines of business, it has caused a number of issues, including:
• Release Management and Maintenance windows are difficult to achieve (e.g. hard to find Windows that work for all parties)
• Patching Inflexibility –Require all upgrades and patches to be evaluated and applied to all components
• Higher impact while making changes with no isolation of issues; regression testing efforts are relatively high
• Conflicting SLA’s – For example, performance tuning changes to one composite can have a negative impact on another.
• Source / target system downtime impacts all sectors
• Same admin server / Weblogic configurations across sectors
• More difficult debugging / troubleshooting (messier logs, many change factors to consider)
• Difficult to scale – current environment reached maximum threshold

This customer was looking to deliver a SOA platform as a service (PaaS) to each Division in order to enable faster time to integration, increased organizational effectiveness and increased service levels.

This is where the value of Rubicon Red Myst came to the fore and provided the customer with the ability to address each of these issues head on.

From the very beginning Rubicon Red’s purpose has been to lead customers past the point of return, in the successful adoption of Oracle technologies.

Rubicon Red offers organisations a set of innovative and market leading software and consulting solutions for Oracle Fusion Middleware customers. Rubicon Red along with its customers was awarded an unprecedented 3 Oracle Excellence Awards at OOW 2014.

According to John Deeb, a health and vibrant solutions company is one that can respond the needs of their customers. He believes that executives need a clear plan to take advantage of the current changes in the enterprise technology landscape.

Moving forward Rubicon Red is focused on alignment to Oracle’s Cloud Strategy and providing customers the help they need to migrate to their Oracle capabilities to the Cloud. They are also determined to provide customers with a DevOps capability utilizing Rubicon Red MyST and FusionCloud. Rubicon Red understand that customers will continue to have both OnPremise IT Systems and that the only viable medium term solution is to have a Hybrid of Cloud/OnPremise integration. Rubicon Red is in a position to deliver the right solutions to customers in order to make them successful with Oracle technologies.


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