Reduce SAP Software expenses using Snow Software (SAM)

Organizations are paying far too much for the software their employees and contractors consume. In most cases, this is due to poor visibility of application usage across the IT estate combined with a lack of understanding about software licensing terms.

Despite the buzz around cloud, software vendor audits are steadily increasing and any organization now has a nearly 70% chance of being audited by at least one vendor in the next 12 months. While this applies to all software vendors, SAP software is a particular pain point for many organizations, as they have historically invested millions in mission-critical systems, with little understanding of the knock-on implications in terms of SAP licensing and support costs.

With SAP now paying particular attention to previously unmonitored factors such as indirect usage (the use of SAP systems by third-party applications to provide data to employees and external customers), many organizations are seeing their SAP invoices rise sharply. Without full visibility of the deployed SAP systems and user activity, it is impossible for SAP customers to optimize their expenditure. Many end up paying for redundant licenses, the wrong license types, and even systems that have been retired.

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software allows organizations that are heavily invested in SAP to build a complete inventory of their SAP systems, usage, licenses and contracts.

Specific to SAP, Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software allows organizations that are heavily invested in SAP to build a complete inventory of their SAP systems, usage, licenses, and contracts. This gives organizations the visibility and actionable intelligence necessary to right-size their SAP estate by automating money-saving actions such as: retiring old users, re-assigning license types, re-harvesting unused licenses, preventing over-spend on professional licenses and minimizing support costs.

Snow is the only SAM platform to natively support all areas of software use including mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, virtual devices and cloud.

Within the SAP environment, Snow Optimizer for SAP Software sits within the SAP system, giving users unparalleled levels of access and information that are not possible with external SAP management tools. Snow Optimizer for SAP Software provides the best of both worlds – a native ABAP management interface for SAP Basis Admins and SAP managers and a web-based management dashboard interface for business managers charged with managing SAP expenditure and value, but not familiar with the ABAP interface. All critical SAP license, inventory and usage information can be consolidated with other vendor reports in Snow License Manager to provide a single view of all software vendors deployed across the enterprise. Unlike other solutions that provide SAP inventory, Snow Optimizer for SAP Software automates many optimization tasks such as re-assigning licenses and reclaiming unused licenses, saving hundreds of hours of manual administration.

Having been named Champion in Info-Tech Research Group’s ITAM Vendor Landscape, Snow Software is a fast-growth company, with a year-on-year growth rate of 65% for the past five years. The company supports more than 6,000 customers and over nine million devices with its 18 regional offices, three development centers and local support teams in seven territories.

Snow Software CEO, Axel Kling, has been an entrepreneur within the software industry specializing in Software Asset Management for 18 years. He was a founder member of the working group that defined the original Software Asset Management standard, ISO19770-1.

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