Prophix: Among Gold-shine Of Microsoft’s Software Development Partners

Common challenges that Microsoft customers face is spending too much time and effort trying to function on basic tools, like excel – which though is a wonderful tool, is not the best way in a business environment. Trying to manage recurring business workflows and generating executive reports; formulating budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial consolidation; generating reports etc. becomes time consuming, un-scalable, and need rather too many silos when one relies too much on excel. The manual work Validating and correcting data on excel so that multiple versions of the same file is created is one thing anybody who have done this would remember.

Today’s business environment demands scalable and integrated programs that afford substantial automation; and it helps when these software are based on the friendly, familiar, and already existing Microsoft framework. This is where Prophix comes in.

Prophix, a corporate performance management software development company that serves more than 2500 customers in over 92 countries, earns brownie points just by maintaining a delightfully informative web presence which tells practically everything one needs to know without much jargon interference. Any potential client who visits the site finds himself addressed with clear and concise information from what plans they offer to what is good for what sort of organization. Prophix’s software services automates financial and operational processes that reduces risks and analyses performance and mostly benefits mid-market business establishments that have annual revenues between $25MM and $1B.

Prophix began as the brainchild of Paul Barber and Bob Walker as a software distributor and soon stepped in to cater to the market’s need for innovative planning and reporting systems. In the past 10 years Prophix has become an independent software vendor developing completely on Microsoft technology, and has direct and indirect operations in every continent. Prophix is kept on its toes by leading industry analysts like the Gartner group and has been lauded by Microsoft many times – the Microsoft Impact Award for Independent Software Vendor (2011) to name one instance. There are also other achievements like the Bronze International Stevie Award for Customer Service (2013), recognition on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list, the Branham300, etc. and more.

Prophix specializes on customer pain points to deliver unified and powerful software solutions to improve interdepartmental collaborations, centralize workflows, provide a single data repository, help analyze and manage data, and automate repeatable processes like reports, annual budgeting, or monthly forecasts. This availability of a unified solution put in a single interface – unlike the multiple modules that other companies offer, along with the prominence to user choice gives Prophix the edge over others. Prophix has the ability to integrate and share data with other Microsoft applications such as Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, CRM, SharePoint, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Power BI. Their software need minimal IT support and is flexible and scalable.

An exciting future is being foretold at Prophix, what with people reliant on spreadsheets beginning to look out for more convenient software. The Prophix vision is reflected in the way they invest in the professional development of their personnel as well as product development. They have a culture of heeding to personnel and client feedback, which helps make the product better-suited for future. Microsoft’s new vision that embraces cross-platform and cross-device technologies also have exciting implications, what with the focus put on software development partners. For instance, continuing enhancements made to Microsoft azure cloud infrastructure is opening up inspiring possibilities for both users and competent software developers like Prophix.


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