Process Solutions Assurance: The Customer Centric Solution Provider

Many Oracle customers struggle with choosing the right Oracle application/technology to meet their needs, knowing the sequence of deployment of the application/technologies offered, and knowing how to navigate through Oracle, observes John Clow, CEO of Process Solutions Assurance

Process Solutions Assurance is comprised of ex-oracle domain experts in the areas of Solution Architecture, Product Development, System Integration, and Solution Deployment and resources from asset intensive industries that bring a customer, process and value centric view of benefit. The majority of their resources and management group are certified reliability leaders through The Association for Maintenance Professionals or Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professionals through the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

Process Solution Assurance’s approach to deploying and managing software solutions (like Oracle) follows a proprietary methodology known as, Business Assessment and Solution Optimization (BASO). BASO is centered on understanding and documenting the current business processes used to support key activities in an organization and defining the optimum “to-be” business processes considering utility “Best Practice”, IT application infrastructure, Oracle application’s functionality and the documented business requirements from each customer. The main principal of the BASO methodology believes that each business process (however it is defined) should be (and can be) easily traced to an organization’s goals, objectives and mission.

Integrations between Oracle’s Utilities Work and Asset Management system and Oracle’s E-Business Suite- with constant demands for strategic efficiency improvements, utilities are being pressured and encouraged to reduce redundancies in processes and data entry wherever possible, in particular related to Supply Chain processes. Accuracies in data entry and the ability to reconcile costs are critical to an organization’s use of Business Systems. Increasing numbers of customers are purchasing Oracle’s Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) and Work and Asset Management.

The main objective of the integration should be is to move data between applications and keeping data synchronized automatically, without any user interference.

The solutions developed by the organization have enabled enterprises to optimize their business, Use and Deployment of Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) for enhanced testing and training during implementation – Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) is a content development platform that assists in end-user testing and training activities as well as introducing work and asset management concepts and overview during system implementation.The value of UPK pre-built application content expedites the design and requirement-gathering phase of implementations that saves substantial time, which leads to lower implementation costs.

Process Solutions assurance are Customer centric; their reputation is very strong in the Utility market as implementers of the Oracle Utilities Work and Management application.

“The outlook for our company is very strong. We are coming out with new product offering as add-ons to Oracle software (in the Utility sector) that benefits both Oracle and customers,” says John Clow.

Process Solutions have a very healthy pipeline of projects that will be starting up within the next 6-12 months. This year they will be starting their first project outside North America and have a good pipeline of other international projects starting up within the next 12-16 months.

According to Clow factors like Customer centric attitude, Empowered employees create a healthy and vibrant workspace.

“We have to challenge ourselves continuously to be better. One important advice is that don’t be afraid to fail or make a mistake. Quickly learn from the mistakes,” says Clow.

According to Clow, the customers are most excited about the Oracle Utilities Global Business Unit (UGBU), which they primarily work with, is constantly coming out with new products for the Utility sector. This year they are releasing a new version of their Work and Asset Management system that we specialize in implementing.


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