PCB Apps: Global Experience In Implementing Oracle Solutions With BlendedShore model

According to Nag Karaka, CEO, PCB Apps, one of the major challenges faced by the Oracle customers are the implementation partners concentrate on Bill-ability than understanding the customer problems “Success of the implementation depends on the knowledge/experience of the implementation partner and the customer participation. The customers are not aware and/or not educated enough on the features of the best-in-class Oracle products. At the end, customers lose the confidence in the ERP product and the implementation partner. Traditional implementation technics/approach is not enough these days and out-of-box thinking is a must to meet the current industry & technology challenges/demands,” says Nag.

PCB Apps is a company with proven expertise for Oracle Enterprise Technologies, namely JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS suite of products. They have expertise providing solutions in JD Edwards Enterprise One and Enterprise World services to large number of international organizations, including Fortune 500 Companies. As an Oracle Platinum Partner with a proven and acknowledged performance record PCB Apps deliver services across geographies encompassing Americas (North and South), EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Asia), South Africa, West Indies & India. The key differentiators that set PCB Apps apart from others is their “QualityAcross” methodology with precision driven JD Edwards (Enterprise One and World) Expertise using blended shore model.

PCB Apps has the following services

  1. Implementation Services like assessments, implementations, migration, and upgrades.
  2. Hosting and Managed services includes, Remote CNC Support, Application Managed Services, Data Center Services, 24X7 Infrastructure Support, Server, Database and OS Managed Services.
  3. Disaster Recovery Services offered by PCB Apps are, business continuity planning and execution, disaster recovery configuration for failover, and planning and testing.
  4. Remote Development Services includes the re-engineering of the 3rd party integrations using business services, application of Mobility Apps, and usual traditional development services for customizations.

Expert team at PCB Apps has delivered many successful projects across the globe including but not limited to the Custom Archive solutions to a large telecom enterprise even long before Arching tools came in to the market, ATP (Available To Promise) and CTP (Capacity To Promise)for a large food colors manufacturing company and Custom blend manufacturing module for a large liquor manufacturing company. PCB Apps has upgraded JDE within 60 days under 100K for a large financial services company. They have migrated Oracle World to E1 for a large electronics manufacturing company with Blendedshore model.

PCB Apps has proven experience for 11+ years delivering Oracle solutions with strong customer references. They have certified implementation specialists by the business verticals.

Based on the outlook of the ERP and Cloud market, they are looking at 20-30% growth every year for next 5 years. Company’s growth is not only planned organically but they are looking for potential M&A activity to grow the company.

Nag believes that an experienced, certified and enthusiastic solution experts who understands the customer pain points, constitutes a healthy and vibrant consulting company. According to Nag, by creating niche market solutions with his loyal employee base, can position their company for growth.

The Oracle customers are excited about hosted/ cloud based ERP solutions, Business Services, Mobile capabilities/ solutions. They also look forward for the hardware and software bundled hosted solutions.


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